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A man is in hospital: what his daughter does will leave you speechless !

Due to an advanced disease David Wilson could not attend the wedding of his daughter, but she didn't want him to miss this day. Giving up the decorations, choirs and everything a bride loves on her marriage…

A scared abandoned dog is found...look at his transformation!

The dog, later renamed Theo had been brutally abandoned by his owner. After a year of life in the streets, he is found psychologically destroyed and terrified. Enjoy the touching transformation that takes…

This dog waited for a year for his dead owner until someone noticed him!

This is the sad story of Woody, thankfully with a happy ending. When his owner died, and his home was sold, the poor dog was left in the street, where he waited a whole year for his family to come back.…
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A woman finds a paralyzed dog but decides to try the IMPOSSIBLE !

Zeus once lived with a family, but when he began to limp he was brutally abandoned in a shelter for dogs, and would have probably been put down because. Thanks to these volunteers, however, he is given…
Dogs Exciting Moving

He save 669 children from the gas chambers, what he doesn't know is that most of them are sat next to him !

Nicholas Winton organized the rescue and transfer in Britain of 669 Jewish children destined in concentration camps before the Second World War. In this broadcast of 1988 he's invited to learn about one…

The moving story of the piglet born with two legs

This cute pig unfortunatly was born with only two legs. However, thanks to the love of humans and his willpower, it manages to live a happy life also being able to run in the park with his dog friend.
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