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A man is in hospital: what his daughter does will leave you speechless !

Due to an advanced disease David Wilson could not attend the wedding of his daughter, but she didn't want him to miss this day. Giving up the decorations, choirs and everything a bride loves on her marriage…

A woman finds a paralyzed dog but decides to try the IMPOSSIBLE !

Zeus once lived with a family, but when he began to limp he was brutally abandoned in a shelter for dogs, and would have probably been put down because. Thanks to these volunteers, however, he is given…
Dogs Exciting Moving

One of the best commercials of all time

When you think of the importance for the loved ones, many things come up to our minds and each of us expresses them as best they can. In this commercial a brother tries to surprise her sick sister. Sometimes…

A lesson for life

Have you ever wondered what we want from life? Why are some people very rich and others have nothing? This clip is not the answer, but it could be a starting point to begin to do something good, every…

This Santa Claus wanders the streets: what he's doing deserves respect.

During the holiday season everyone talks of altruism and charity, but then how many people actually do something? This angel dressed as Santa Claus wanted to do what would otherwise be just good intentions...and…

A woman takes the sign of ablind and homeless man: what she does leaves him speechless !

The purpose of this video is to stress the importance of "The power of words". A blind and homeless man shows a sign that reads - I am blind, please help me - but gets poor results. Shortly after a woman…

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