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During the day, a bricklayer, in the evening a rider: a single father takes his 3-year-old son to work to be close to him

Working and being able to keep to all commitments, promises and relationships, living with peace of mind, is not at all simple. We all know it well, often finding ourselves, for one reason or another,…

A grieving father shares his thoughts on his 12-year-old son's suicide: the culprit is isolation

The Coronavirus has impacted our lives in many ways. Perhaps one of the biggest ways it has affected us is the amount of time we've had to spend alone. Isolation not only has an impact on us physically…

An already adopted pit bull is "attracted" to a guy in the dog shelter: between the two it is friendship at first sight

Many puppies who live in shelters spend their days waiting for someone to give them a second chance to live their dream of a loving family. We cannot deny that some of these adorable puppies have a past…

A little dog waits for his master for days on the bridge where he took his life: he continues to hope that he will return

A dog's loyalty and affection are difficult to find in other animals and sometimes even in some humans. A dog, especially if adopted from a difficult situation, will always remain by your side and will…

He asks the neighbor where her husband is, but she replies that he has passed away: he leaves everything and runs to embrace her

Aldon O'neill Ward III hit the headlines as the "best neighbor in the world" thanks to a simple gesture of humanity that moved the whole neighborhood and beyond. Aldon is the classic smiling guy, who…

This bulldog misses playing with kids so much that he spends most of his time watching the neighborhood kids play from his balcony window

Although quarantine and lockdown has had a negative impact on humans, animals have been affected by the restrictions as well. Take this adorable bulldog as an example. Big Poppa loves going outside and…

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