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A dog gets abandoned by her owner in a Sam's Club parking lot: she lingers for days hoping they'll come back for her, but they never do

Nothing in the world is worse than hearing about an animal getting mistreated by humans. The animal protagonist in our story knows all too well what it's like to be mistreated. Her owners drove her to…

A moving photo which shows a grandfather holding his 17-year-old autistic grandson

It can be difficult to describe in words a moving moment like the one that we saw with grandfather Enzo and his grandson Fernando, a 17 year old boy with autism. The two are very close, together they…

A father gets tattoos of his stillborn child's tiny hands on his chest as a way to keep his son's memory alive

The arrival of your first born child fills you with all kinds of joyous and anxious emotions. It's the moment you've been preparing for for at least 9 months, and, although you're a little anxious about…

A malnourished horse is found on the roadside: now, he lives carefree on a ranch with his companions

What would you do if you found a horse on poor condition by the roadside? This is the situation in which César Garcia found himself, when he was walking with his son on Grayson Road in Modesto, in the…

15 photos that show how much our 4-legged friends have to teach humans

We know that many say that animals are better than people; it is generally an exaggeration, yet there is always a fund of truth to be found. Whether they are dogs, cats or other types of pets, their actions,…

A man saves a dog's life: dog thanks him with an intense look of gratitude on his face

The expressions that dogs make oftentimes reflections of gratitude and pure love. Rarely will you see a dog making hateful or mischievous faces, especially when they are staring into the faces of their…

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