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A nurse burst into tears when she finds out that the supermarket is emptied due to Coronavirus hysteria

How do doctors and nurses take care of the sick if strength and spirit are abandoning them? A nurse from York, Dawn Bilbrough, went shopping convinced that she could buy at least the bare essentials to…

An elderly couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary together with their 21 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren

In the 1940s, William Horst worked as a bartender in a ballroom. It was a boring night and there weren't many customers, so William took the opportunity to get on the dance floor and do a bit of dancing,…

After 60 years of marriage, husband and wife die a few hours apart from Coronavirus

Severa Belotti and Luigi Carrara are an elderly couple of 82 and 86 years old respectively, citizens of Albino, in the northern province of Bergamo in northern Italy. After 60 years of marriage and a…

This woman found out that she had breast cancer two months into her pregnancy; despite her doctor's advice, she trusted her instincts and kept the baby

Sometimes in life, certain situations come along that seem so beyond our own control that we have no other choice but to leave it up to God or the Universe to intervene. If anyone had told Ana Beatriz…

Waiting to be adopted, this 1-year-old pit bull "rolled up" the covers of his bed by himself

You have no idea how frustrating and painful it can be for a homeless dog, without a human family to cuddle and shower him with love, living in an animal shelter. Of course, the volunteers and all the…

A disabled girl can't hold back tears after being the victim of an episode of bullying

There is nothing to be done: bullies exist and, unfortunately, they will continue to exist if a more careful and strict education is not promoted in the family and at school. When we ask ourselves how…

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