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Video About Love

The most jealous woman in England buys her husband 3 Xboxes to keep him from leaving the house: "So she has fewer distractions"

You know when a relationship ends due to extreme possessiveness and jealousy on the part of one partner? Well, an English woman named Debbi Wood made her jealousy her trademark, managing to get herself…
Absurd Love Stories

"You loved her, didn't you?" This romantic poem reminds us that every woman is a unique and unrepeatable universe

It is no longer common for lovers to write each other poems, in fact, perhaps it is no longer fashionable to write anything inherent to love that is not a message on a smartphone. Fortunately, we have…

8 tall women proudly display their shorter husbands and dare to challenge height stereotypes

Who said that couples made up of people of different heights are not happy? In particular, who said that men in a couple should generally be taller than women? Of course, maybe it is a common situation…

He is 19 and she is 72 and they got married just two weeks after their first meeting

How many times have we heard that "age is only a number" or that "love has no age"? Certainly many times! However, when the years between two individuals that form a couple are really a lot, then one…

Luca, a single dad, adopts Alba who had been rejected by seven families because she has Down's Syndrome

We would like all the best for our children, we would like them to be better than us ... Then disability arrives unexpectedly that shatters future plans and perspectives. And in any case, the acceptance…
Family Love Stories

This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics

When getting your hair trimmed becomes a reason to be depressed and triggers a fear of becoming bald (imaginary, of course)! When you go to bed after you have had a fight and when you know that only in…
Drawing Funny Love

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