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Video About Love

Let a Taurus person enter your life and you will understand how easy it is to love them and you will feel at home

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, those born between April 21 and May 21 belong to this sign and its element is the earth. Taurus is a very passionate sign, so much so that you will truly understand…

A man discovers that he is present in a photo taken of his wife, eleven years before he met her

Destiny? There are those who strongly believe that everything is already predestined and that life is nothing more than the staging of a script already written. However, there are also those who instead…

This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics

When getting your hair trimmed becomes a reason to be depressed and triggers a fear of becoming bald (imaginary, of course)! When you go to bed after you have had a fight and when you know that only in…
Drawing Funny Love

Luca, a single dad, adopts Alba who had been rejected by seven families because she has Down's Syndrome

We would like all the best for our children, we would like them to be better than us ... Then disability arrives unexpectedly that shatters future plans and perspectives. And in any case, the acceptance…
Family Love Stories

"You loved her, didn't you?" This romantic poem reminds us that every woman is a unique and unrepeatable universe

It is no longer common for lovers to write each other poems, in fact, perhaps it is no longer fashionable to write anything inherent to love that is not a message on a smartphone. Fortunately, we have…

"Fans of Love" video scores not only with surprised football fans!

During the Pro Bowl competition, which took place in Orlando, Florida, the members of the Ad Council partnered with the National Football League to launch a message that was different than usual.  During…

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