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Video About Love

Love is in the air for this firefighter ...

Today's couples have fun making their own original and unique marriage proposals and also love to post videos of those special moments on the Internet. Case in point is, Robin Ström, an airport firefighter…

"Fans of Love" video scores not only with surprised football fans!

During the Pro Bowl competition, which took place in Orlando, Florida, the members of the Ad Council partnered with the National Football League to launch a message that was different than usual.  During…

An object of great sentimental value is found!

It had been fifteen years since she had lost the ring with which her husband had asked her to marry him. She certainly did not think that it would ever be found. Instead, her husband somehow managed…
Love Tenders Wedding

Phubbing has taken over their lives! The end is near ...

Do you know the English word "phubbing"? It is a recently invented expression that describes the tendency and the act of snubbing someone in favor of a smartphone! Yes, phubbing, which has become a widespread…

Put a smile on your face and love in your heart! Take a look!

Do ever remind your partner how much love you feel for her or him?  This cattle rancher has decided to tell his two daughters and his wife that they are precious gifts to him and of course he does it…

AcroYoga has an asana for every occasion! :)

AcroYoga is a discipline that combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and Thai massage with the dynamics of acrobatic gymnastics. For this couple who have been practicing AcroYoga for some time, this discipline…
Love Tenders Yoga

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