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Video About Love

After almost 65 years of marriage, he kneels again in front of his wife and his gesture of love is one of rare beauty

Love that lasts throughout a lifetime is something of the past, but fortunately even today there are examples of such a love that is so beautiful and rare. The story we are about to tell you about is…

The greatest love of your life will come after the biggest mistake of your life

A love story that ends is a bit like a failure, in fact, it is exactly the same thing. We invest a lot, everything, maybe even too much in a relationship and then we find ourselves with nothing in hand,…

A divorced man gives 20 marriage tips that he regrets not having put into practice to save his marriage

After 16 years of marriage, Gerald Rogers lost the love of his life when they got divorced.  This experience deeply marked him because together with the woman he loved he felt he also lost his best friend,…

Here is why an Aries companion is worth fighting for!

It is well-known that love cannot be commanded, but if it were possible, we would at least advise a person not to fall in love with a person born under the zodiac sign of Aries. This zodiac sign needs…

According to experts, couples who fight a lot really love each other and here are 9 reasons why!

The assumption that "that couples that argue together, stay together" is somewhat questionable. However, recent surveys have shown that 44% of married couples believe that fighting at least once a week…

Everyone was against their relationship but after 23 years of marriage, they are still here to show us, true love ...

Each of you has witnessed how love cannot be programmed or made to conform to expectations or created by using any kind of mathematical calculations. No, love presents itself, unexpectedly until it becomes…

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