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Video About Love

A hug is the most beautiful form of communication so we must not be afraid to give hugs and to ask for more!

A hug is the most universal form of communication! Unlike a kiss, which is a very intimate gesture, a hug is much more effective in transmitting emotions and also works well even between two strangers.…

A kiss on the forehead is much more than a gesture of affection and here is what effects it has on those who receive it

Kissing a person is the most effective and direct way to communicate an emotion. Through a kiss, we come into direct contact and we can feel the other person's soul. Among the various types of kisses,…

"You loved her, didn't you?" - Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful poems that a man has ever written for a woman

It is no longer common for lovers to write each other poems, in fact, perhaps it is no longer fashionable to write anything inherent to love that is not a message on a smartphone. Fortunately, we have…

For a woman, Prince Charming is her son --- and it is a bond that will last a lifetime

In the world of fairy tales, we have always seen that there is a girl or woman in search of her Prince Charming, who will make her dream come true, who will love her, and treat her like a real princess.…

In love, we all cheat every day without realizing it

When one speaks of betrayal one immediately thinks of sexual betrayal such as when a man or woman employs their energies and time more pleasantly with another person than with their partner. But if we…

"Death Is Nothing At All" a beautiful poem that teaches us how to overcome the loss of a loved one

"Death Is Nothing At All" is the best-known and probably the most beautiful poem written by Henry Scott Holland, a British priest, theologian, and writer who was active especially in the late nineteenth…

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