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Video About Love

Fall in love with someone who can touch your soul, before they touch your body!

There are extraordinary examples of human beings in the world, individuals who know how to give us serenity, and when we are with them we feel like we are at home. Many will be able to say that they…

When one truly loves someone then being faithful is not a sacrifice, but a natural way of being

It can sound rhetorical but basically, it is disarmingly simple. In fact, when you truly love someone, then being loyal and faithful is not a burden but a natural way of being. We assume, of course,…

7 things a child will never know about their mother

Each mother will tell her child, sooner or later, about their birth and the road they traveled together during her pregnancy. A mother will tell her child the fear she felt when her water broke, the…

Thanks for tearing me apart because I'm stronger now than before

Thanks for breaking my heart because now I'm stronger than before. I do not hate you, on the contrary, I thank you. If I had not been left in the darkness I would never have found the sun inside me.…

Being in a relationship with the wrong person should make us more afraid than being single

Being single does not mean being "alone". But, nevertheless, many people choose to stay in toxic relationships because of the fear of abandonment and for fear of never finding anyone again. To love…

If you have a boyfriend like this, then you've found the ideal husband

An old Italian proverb reminds us that "whoever finds a friend finds a treasure", but we can also say that finding an ideal husband is not an easy task, especially in our day and time. Currently, there…

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