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Video About Love

Man helps his wife with household chores after working a 13 hour shift

In American culture, especially in the films and advertisements of the 1950's, people were presented with a particular image of the nuclear family. The husband comes home from a long day's work and is…

She loses her memory in a terrible car accident and forgets she has a fiancé: he sticks by her everyday to help her regain her memory

In the film Fifty First Dates, Adam Sandler falls in love with a woman, played by Drew Barrymore, that wakes up every morning and forgets everything that happened the day before. Everyday, he has to…

Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman

The dream of every parent is to see their son or daughter happy, perhaps with a beautiful wedding, a family of their own and children; but not all mums' and dads' wishes coincide with those of their children.…

3 signs that can help us realize that we have finally found our soul mate

We see them for the first time, our eyes stare at theirs intensely for a few seconds, we cannot stop looking at them; something in us understands that the person we just met fleetingly could be the partner…

10 signs that your relationship may have reached a dead end

When a long-term relationship or marriage isn't working anymore, you notice that small insignificant things can even cause big problems. A word not said, a dirty look, a sudden change in mood or attitude:…

Love is in the details: 10 photos that show couples doing everyday things together

Love is probably the strongest feeling we experience during our everyday lives. Most of us don't need extravagant gifts or declarations of our partner's undying love for us everyday; the more simple gestures,…
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