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Be careful! Insect bites can be very dangerous!

In the summer we tend to feel freer, we wear shorts, sleeveless tops, walk barefoot, and do less to protect our bodies. This is one of the reasons why we are often bitten and stung by insects and why…

The Japanese method of eliminating back pain --- with just 5 minutes a day!

A famous Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi has devoted 10 years to the search for an effective way to combat back pain, which in Japan has become a true national plague, and now he has finally shared…

This mom has created special hearing aids to help children feel more confident

Being a child is not always easy and there are some days when making new friends and adapting to the surrounding world seems to be more difficult than usual. Then, if we consider all those children with…

Can you easily perform these movements with your hands? You may have Marfan Syndrome!

If you remember, there is a period during our childhood in which were always saying, "Can you do this? And this?"  Well, if you have noticed that besides being able to roll your tongue in every which…

Celiac disease (Gluten Intolerance) Symptoms and Side-Effects!

Among the disorders related to gluten, there is not only celiac disease. Although this disease has spread exponentially in recent years, there are along with it also other minor allergies and alimentary…
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Pilate keratosis is a disorder with unknown causes that can help us identify gluten intolerance

Any extraneous presence on our body has a reason why it has appeared and to which we must give the right importance!  In fact, many of you would consider bumps on your arms or back to be harmless if…

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