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Here is why you should NEVER clean your ears with a cotton swab!

There are some habits that we learn during our childhood that we continue as adults, not knowing that they are potentially harmful. Among them, is the common, although ill-advised practice of cleaning…

Beauty hack! --- Use coffee grounds to reduce bags under your eyes!

From coffee beans, we get one of the most popular drinks in the world but there are so many other uses for this beverage! For those who have the problem of bags under their eyes, for example, you can…
DIY Health

When you see how easy it is to make cereal bars -- You will never buy them again!

Whenever we buy a snack, even the least processed one, we can never be sure of what we are putting into our stomach! Reading the ingredients, we often discover some very unpleasant surprises which are…
Health Ideas Kitchen

Press a tennis ball against the wall and six minutes later -- Your neck pain DISAPPEARS!

Feeling excruciating pain due to inflamed neck muscles can be a very debilitating condition. To suffer from this condition frequently is particularly annoying and imposes limitations on many aspects of…

Often teased due to her body --- she makes a LIFE-CHANGING decision!

Tracy has always been overweight since childhood. Therefore, she was often teased by her classmates because of her body build and weight. She, however, was in denial and she lied to herself claiming…

By regularly performing the Plank exercise, it is possible to sculpt abdominal muscles and strengthen the spine

If you think that time passes too quickly, you have probably never tried this exercise! It is an exercise position called the plank, which consists of raising the body horizontally and sustaining this…

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