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10 natural foods will help you lower your blood sugar levels without you even realizing it!

Hyperglycemia is an endemic disorder of modern society that affects an increasing number of individuals, including young people, every year, mainly due to incorrect lifestyles. Warning symptoms include…

Do you want to live longer and with fewer problems? Here are the unforgettable suggestions of three centenarians!

We all want to live as long as possible, in good health and, even if the infamous elixir of life or immortality is only a legend, we can certainly change our lifestyle and adopt some tricks to improve…

Zucchini are not only rich in vitamins! Here are some other beneficial properties that you may not know about!

Zucchini are a very popular vegetable and highly appreciated both by adults and children - thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for many different preparations. Zucchini are composed of 95% water…

Pay attention to the shrimps you eat! Here is why shrimps can be a health hazard

Aquaculture aka aquafarming, or the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, mollusks, and crustaceans, is experiencing a moment of strong growth, to such an extent that low-intensity farms have been…

8 symptoms of dehydration that most people ignore

As you know, our body is mainly composed of water - it is attested that the percentage is around 60-65%. When we are dehydrated, it means that our body is experiencing a serious lack of water, a condition…

Sunstroke and heat exhaustion! Here are all the tips to deal with hot weather temperatures!

As many people know, the sun is a fundamental health ally, since it triggers a series of beneficial mechanisms both mentally and physically. As with everything else though, the sun, also can be harmful…

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