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A nurse who contracted Covid-19: with her last strength she begs her colleagues to save her life so as to see her children again

Covid-19 has upset the lives of many families, who have seen some of their loved ones pass away, many times without being able to speak to them again. The virus has not overlooked strata of society and…

Apple peel herbal tea: a natural infusion that helps to relieve stress and sleep better at night

At times of life in which we feel mentally tired, nervous, worried and in which anxiety seems to overtake us, we can only look for solutions, perhaps homemade, that can help to make us calmer. Many of…

After a long shift at the hospital, a nurse falls asleep at the wheel and runs off the road

The dramatic effect the Coronavirus has had on our daily lives is not only a threat to our physical health but also to our psychological wellbeing. For more than a month, countries like Italy have closed…

2 practical tips to prevent your glasses from fogging up if you wear a protective mask

When this global pandemic ends and we enter the so-called "Phase 2", we will all have to wear a protective mask if we attend any type of public space. Many states all over the world are already making…
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Orchids are wonderful indoor plants with a "magical" power: they purify the air and calm the nerves

Orchids are very beautiful and elegant plants, which give wonderful blooms but which, at the same time, are also very delicate - for this reason, they deserve some additional attention. Both in the office…

In France, stocks of health products are in short supply: Louis Vuitton starts producing hand sanitizer gel

In the face of the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic, many health products are starting to be scarce, if not even impossible to find in pharmacies and supermarkets. We are talking about…

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