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A man hides coronavirus symptoms from his surgeon before nose operation: now he might have to serve 12 years in prison

In the peak of the coronavirus emergency, you can't turn on the TV or surf the internet without being bombarded by public service announcements asking you to stay home. Otherwise, you might add to the…
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This woman found out that she had breast cancer two months into her pregnancy; despite her doctor's advice, she trusted her instincts and kept the baby

Sometimes in life, certain situations come along that seem so beyond our own control that we have no other choice but to leave it up to God or the Universe to intervene. If anyone had told Ana Beatriz…

5 benefits of garlic, a plant with antibacterial and nourishing properties that is a friend to our health

It was already known in ancient Egypt and, throughout history, has become a product of nature cultivated and appreciated practically all over the world. We are talking about garlic (Allium sativum), a…

What happens to our body if we regularly take water and lemon

Many people have probably heard of the benefits of this drink, taken regularly every morning, perhaps instead of the usual coffee or tea. We are talking about water and lemon, a mix considered a real…

Some home remedies that can help whiten your teeth naturally

Anyone who wants to have a dazzling smile and white teeth to show in every photo, knows that all this has a price - a price that is also quite hard to swallow if you consider the high costs of the dentist.…

7 common symptoms that could be linked to hypothyroidism

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland found in the lower part of the trachea. Thanks to the hormones it produces, the thyroid stimulates the hypophysis, or the pituitary gland, which regulates all chemical…

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