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Video Of Animals

This photographer has managed to capture the tender friendship between a dog and an owl

The stories of friendships born and cultivated among animals belonging to very different species are not uncommon. Whether they are dogs, moose, geese, pigs or birds, they all have a lot to teach us,…
Animals Dogs Owls

The most ingenious dog ever

Being hungry is very bad and when we start feeling it each one of us strive to find ways to fill our stomachs. So this is Lucy, an intelligent Beagle, after hearing the oven turning on, look what the…

This hen with heart shapes on her feathers shows that nature knows how to surprise us in the most original ways

Sometimes, nature manages to amaze us in the most unexpected ways with its surprising shapes and patterns. In fact, just look around to see how much beauty and how much variety our planet, and the creatures…

A little baby bear cub cannot stop embracing the man who saved it from a wildfire

2019 was a difficult year in regards to forest fires ― just think of the Amazon, hit by serious forest fires, and immediately afterward also in Australia, where hundreds of animals lost their lives,…

Morning love from my lion friends

To some it might seem a scary situation, but look with what devotion these two young lion males cuddle with their human friend, proving to be extraordinarily social animals capable of building deep emotional…
Animals Lions Wtf

While a boy throws food at the fish, someone very hungry arrives !

While this guy entertains tourists throwing food at the fish of the Maldives, someone passing by decided it's time for a snack. A stingray comes out of the water just to fill his stomach.
Animals Curious Fishes Sea

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