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Video Of Animals

A man tries to film squirrel, but didn't expect this to HAPPEN!

When this man decided to put the camera on the ground to film a squirrel, he probably thought it was a great idea. Naively, however, did not deal with the skills of a small rodent who without hesitation…
Animals Fail Funny

I'm not going out from this hot water!

This kitten doesn't want to get out of the container filled with hot water ...
Animals Cats Cute

You won't pass, dog

A really funny video where the cats prove to be a real alarm system, specifically "anti-dog"
Animals Cats Dogs Funny

Thrilling cat rescue

A firefighter saves a cat from certain death in a house ... You really cannot miss it!

When playing becomes useful

Do you think that doing everyday jobs is a boring? Fortunately, not everyone has the same opinion! This cute and energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse seems to have a lot of fun helping her "mum",…

Ducklings and the challenging stairs !

The sweetest of families trying to climb some stairs. Often when these animals live in the city they can find unexpected obstacles, almoast impossible to overcome !

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