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Video Of Animals

The most ingenious dog ever

Being hungry is very bad and when we start feeling it each one of us strive to find ways to fill our stomachs. So this is Lucy, an intelligent Beagle, after hearing the oven turning on, look what the…

Man is still capable of great acts of generosity and humanity

In a world where evil and misfortune make the news, it is easy to lose hope and confidence in men. This video has been made just to remind us that over exploitation and devastation there's still some…

A man saves a 3 months old wounded pelican: watch this emotional story

When you live in Tanzania, you come into contact with wildlife almoast everyday. Wildebeest, elephants, gazelles, hippos ... the list is endless! Jeffrey Condon, manager of a tourist center in the area…

Sleeping dogs ... Fantastic!

A compilation of sleeping dogs ... Do not miss it!
Animals Cute Dogs

What if the animals were round?

Some scenes of wildlife in the world of "Rollin 'Wild."

While a boy throws food at the fish, someone very hungry arrives !

While this guy entertains tourists throwing food at the fish of the Maldives, someone passing by decided it's time for a snack. A stingray comes out of the water just to fill his stomach.
Animals Curious Fishes Sea

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