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Video Of Animals

Woman abandons dog at an animal shelter: as she leaves, she flips the surveillance camera off

Seeing a dog get abandoned by their owner is never pretty. It doesn't matter whether they get abandoned on the street or in an animal shelter: it's enough to break your heart when you see the look on…

15 animals that have been adopted and have repaid their owners with cuddles and smiles

Whether they are cats or dogs, once they cross the threshold of your home, they will change your life forever. And for the better. Yes, because the animals who are living in shelters are waiting for nothing…

This photographer has managed to capture all the sweetness of babies who sleep with puppies

Growing up together with a puppy is always an incredibly educational experience for any child: you learn to live together, to have responsibilities and to love animals. Babies and puppies, then, are a…

From puppy to dog: 10 funny photos show how fast our four-legged friends grow

When we adopt a puppy dog there is a part of us that wishes it would never grow up: cuddling that bundle of softness full of sweetness forever is the dream of many. Too bad, however, that dogs, like all…

Why does this mamma duck escort her baby ducklings across the hallway of a nursing home every year? To get to the pond on the other side of the building!

Although most fairytales exist in an imaginary world, a patient care center in Canandaigua, New York, has experienced their own version of a fairytale every Spring since 1995. For close to 25 years now,…

15 images that show how life is amazing and full of tenderness

Life is a beautiful gift. Yes, even if very often we are forced to walk a path of darkness, made of tears, sadness and loneliness, know that it is all part of the baggage of human experience that we all,…

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