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Video Of Animals

His dog needs surgery, so the owner puts his car up for sale

A very strong bond is always created between a dog and its owner, especially if the pet has been with the person in question for many years. Randy Etter, for example, has lived with his dog, named Gemini,…

The story of Piglet, a little pink dog that helps children to appreciate the world around them

Piglet, the pink-haired dog, is capturing attention on the Internet more and more each day! This is especially true since the guardian of this splendid canine specimen - a cross between the Dachshund…

This chimpanzee sees his human parents again after a long time and welcomes them with a big hug

Animals, it is known, can become very attached to human beings. We are not just talking about dogs or cats, but about any animal that has had prolonged contact with a human being - enough to become attached…

This dog lays down on the ground and pretends to be ill every time his owner tries to take him home after a walk

Do you know when you are having a great time and would you like that moment to never end? As children, we experienced this more times than we care to remember! And the story always ended in the same way:…

The photo shoot of two newlyweds was made even more memorable by the arrival of a raccoon family

The wedding day for many couples is like a dream come true, that special part of a fairy tale that is either beginning or continuing - a day in which newlyweds share their great joy with the whole world.…

Abandoned with her 9 puppies in a sealed cardboard box but luckily a man saves them

Unfortunately, online we are often faced with stories about abandonment that involve poor defenseless animals. And, in those moments, it is always very difficult to hold back anger towards such cruel…

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