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Video Of Animals

Parents discover that their soon-to-be-born child has a cleft lip and the child's story is very touching!

In some countries, a cleft lip is a neonatal malformation that is resolved with an abortion. In fact, many women decide to terminate their pregnancy because of problems related to a cleft lip which…

The photo of these two dogs that share a blanket is the most touching thing you'll see today

From the day dogs became part of the life of humans, many things have changed; today we can say that from these beautiful creatures we have much to learn and not a day goes by without us being reminded…

A pit bull remains tied up with a very tight short chain without food or water for days until the neighbors decide to intervene

Unfortunately, there are too many people who mistreat animals just because they can, after having first welcomed them into their homes by their own choice! What goes on in the minds of these individuals,…

Losing a pet causes immense pain which must be respected and those who have not experienced this cannot understand it.

Sometimes those who have pets are misunderstood by those who have never had them. Treating pets in a certain way, taking care of them as if they were people, and grieving when they pass away, can seem…

Do you love your dog like it is a child? Science explains why there is nothing wrong with this!

Dogs have a strong power of attraction for humans, a power that almost nobody can resist. For instance, if we meet a puppy on the street, many of us can hardly resist the temptation to caress and pamper…

A photographer discovers some mice living in his garden and builds them a fantastic miniature village

A photographer named Simon Dell became famous on social for his captured images depict breathtaking landscapes and animals in their natural habitat. Lately, the man came across in a small family of country…

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