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Video Of Animals

Crazy animals: 16 expressive and hilarious species that should win a sympathy award

What would the world be without our animal friends? Some people decide to adopt them and make them permanent members of our family, while others learn about them by watching documentaries, reading books,…

He loses his motorbike in a fire, rescuing his animals: the neighbors make a collection and buy another one

What wouldn't we do for our animal friends? If we have a pet, or more than one at home, we know very well that we can never be separated from them, they are like real family members. Of course, they have…

16 unforgettable-looking animals that don't seem to be having their best day

All of us, in life, have experienced days which we would like to more or less forget, in which misfortunes and little incidents have thrown us a curve ball. The so-called "bad" day can happen to anyone…

"How cute they are!": 16 pets that have conquered our hearts with their sweetness

It's practically impossible to resist when faced with the big eyes and the loving gazes of our animal friends. Whether they are our faithful and affectionate life companions, or whether they are simply…

He takes the dog to be groomed and when he collects it he can't recognize his dog: the situation worsens

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were able to experience, among many things, what it means to remain without a hairdresser or beautician for several months. A problem that probably caught…

16 fun photos of animals who have made a mess and show no remorse

Our pets have always been an invaluable source of friendship and companionship, which we enjoy every day of our lives. But, like all the greatest joys, dogs and cats (and any other pet we choose to adopt)…

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