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Video Of Animals

These hedgehogs are orphans, but a very special adoptive mother comes to their rescue!

For most mammals, which usually feed and care for their young, the loss of the mother inevitably leads to the death of the newborn offspring, as well. This happens because, without the food and warmth…

18 people who were absolutely against letting an animal into their house

It has happened to many that they have to obtain the permission of the other tenants living in the same house in order to get a pet! And it has happened to many that their request has received an unequivocal…

A heartbroken owner warns about the dangers of rope toys after the accident that happened to her Golden Retriever

Anyone who owns a dog can testify that it becomes a true member of the family and that when the day comes to have to say goodbye, one feels immense pain. Everyone knows that the time available to a four-legged…
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He was in a coma, but his dog's bark made him wake up and today his dog is his "guardian angel"

For many people, their dog becomes a member of their family in all respects. How could it not be so since dogs often fill our hearts and our homes with love and happiness, showing us gratitude for the…

The actor Morgan Freeman turns his 50-acre ranch into a sanctuary for bees

In recent decades, farmers and scientists have observed a drastic reduction in the world population of bees. In fact, they are decreasing because of climate change, the increasingly invasive use of pesticides…

He rescues a puppy that other children were mistreating and takes it to a vet and soon the two become inseparable!

Nicolás, a 7-year-old boy who lives in Rosario, Argentina, has narrated that he saved a puppy from some of his peers who were torturing the animal.  Nicolás also states that the boys were even willing…

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