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Video Of Animals

A 13-year-old boy throws himself into a canal to save a horse: he held his head up for an hour

Love for animals is something that has to be cultivated from an early age - if you are lucky enough to live in close contact with a pet from your early years in life, you will immediately notice a substantial…

12 animals who found their own warm and cozy corner whether it's outside or inside the house

How do our animal friends always manage to find such small and comfortable places to curl up in? Our four-legged friends truly have an innate ability to assume odd positions to take a nap, laze about,…

12 puppies small enough to fit in a teacup: they are unbelievably sweet

If it is true that everyone loves puppies, then no one in the world could ever hate these tiny dogs. Yes, they are puppies, but of dog breeds that will remain extremely small. Their degree of sweetness…

12 animals who were caught red-handed and immediately looked "guilty"

Our 4-legged friends are truly incorrigible and full of surprises. You never get bored with them, especially when they are caught red-handed committing "misdeeds" by their masters and give us pleading…

This adorable Pitbull has never stopped smiling since he was adopted

Often to indicate the almost human behaviors of our four-legged friends the classic expression "he just lacks speech" is used. Well these sweet, loyal, empathic creatures don't really need it, because…

A dog who wasn't pregnant began nursing a stray kitten, managing to save her life

After thousands of years of civilization, progress and technological achievement, nature still manages to surprise us. Plants and animals can adapt and have qualities that are extraordinary. These natural…
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