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Video Of Animals

In this moving video, a 4-year-old girl sings a gentle song to comfort her terminally-ill cat

Pets are among the most significant companions that accompany us in our lives. Even though they are not human, dogs and cats have the ability to become our best friends and have a special place in our…

They steal his dog and he offers his car as a reward to anyone who brings his beloved dog back

What wouldn't you do for your dog? Carlos Quiroga was devastated when he lost Falucho, his beloved dog and best friend. His father had given his son, Carlos, the dog when Falucho was only a puppy and…

Every morning this dog decides when his owner must wake up and the man films the scenario because nobody believes him

When you become a parent, you are preparing to face a long period of sleepless nights, due to the possible and frequent nighttime awakenings of the newcomer. In a short span of time, you will even find…
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The owner does not allow pets in the house, so these four young men ask their neighbor to let them play with his dog

Growing up with a pet is something that marks our whole life and that gets us used to, in a certain sense, to cohabitating with another living being since childhood. It is normal, therefore, to miss having…

This photographer has managed to capture the tender friendship between a dog and an owl

The stories of friendships born and cultivated among animals belonging to very different species are not uncommon. Whether they are dogs, moose, geese, pigs or birds, they all have a lot to teach us,…
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A dog does not know that its owner has passed away and waits for him for days in front of the hospital where he was hospitalized

Anyone with a dog knows that these animals are willing to make huge sacrifices to help and protect their owners. Their dedication is so strong that sometimes it goes beyond the limits of self-preservation,…
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