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Video Of Animals

Their dog struggles to walk alone, so they buy a wheeled cart to take him to the beach

When we decide to adopt a dog, we know that it will remain faithful to us and will be in our lives for many years. Even in their old age, our four-legged friend will still be ready to comfort us and give…

Some people love their dogs more than other human beings and a social research study explains why!

There are people who love their dogs and cats more than other human beings! And, surely, you have met someone like that, right? Moreover, online, it is not uncommon to read an avalanche of comments in…

A homeless man is hospitalized and all his four-legged friends wait for him patiently outside the hospital

Dogs are truly "man's best friend"! A dog remains faithful to their master forever, asking for nothing in return except a bit of food, some pampering, and respect --- in short, nothing that is exaggerated!…

Here is what to do IMMEDIATELY when you find tick eggs!

Ticks are among the most harmful and annoying pests that can be found in circulation! Unfortunately, it is not so difficult to come across these tiny and annoying animals, especially in warm and sunny…

His dog barks "too much", so the owner binds its mouth shut with adhesive tape

Animal abuse is still inexplicably frequent these days. Heartless people let their dogs suffer without any shame and without giving them proper care. How this is possible is still a mystery but, fortunately,…

They take turns sitting on a giant turtle to take photos and the images generate a wave of indignation

The number one enemy of the animals that live on our planet Earth is the human species. Without wasting too many words, we must admit that we are the ones most responsible for the extinction of many species…

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