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Video Of Animals

A man saves a fawn in the woods: every time he stops stroking it's belly, it "cries"

What would you do if you met a little fawn in the woods, caught among the thorns, without a mother and in terrible difficulty? We are sure that you would not think twice, and you would help to free him…

4 geese become "bodyguards" for an elderly woman: they follow her and protect her wherever she goes

When we think of a pet, the first one that comes to mind is almost certainly the dog. Still, "man's best friends" are not the only creatures that can show us faithfulness, loyalty and closeness. Sometimes…

A malnourished horse is found on the roadside: now, he lives carefree on a ranch with his companions

What would you do if you found a horse on poor condition by the roadside? This is the situation in which César Garcia found himself, when he was walking with his son on Grayson Road in Modesto, in the…

A man saves a dog's life: dog thanks him with an intense look of gratitude on his face

The expressions that dogs make oftentimes reflections of gratitude and pure love. Rarely will you see a dog making hateful or mischievous faces, especially when they are staring into the faces of their…

A dog rescues an injured parrot found in his yard: now, they've become almost inseparable

Dogs have always been animals with big hearts; not only are they among the most intelligent and agile creatures on the planet, they also make the perfect companion for us humans. Moreover, they are also…

The dog sits the wife in the back seat and then holds the husband's hand: the scene is hilarious

There seems to be some sort of competition in Jacob and Carissa's car as they travel with Lucy, an adorable Golden Retriever puppy with a very special character. Lucy, in fact, "forced" her mistress to…

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