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Watch This Huge Kitty Cat Play With Its Owner!

In Monterrey (Mexico) there is an animal shelter for big cats that is also dedicated to taking care of all those animals that have been abused and mistreated in zoos, and by trainers in circuses and…

Watch This Protective Kitty Disobey Its Owners!

Never obstruct the protective instinct of a parent. . . or of an animal! How many times have we heard of animals that with the arrival of a new baby have virtually turned into a full-time babysitter?…

A Touching Live Performance By A Four-year-old Girl ...

Little children, as everyone knows, have a natural inclination for music, in all its forms. Whether it is a song written for them or a song that is liked by adults, children are able to learn it and sing…

You Can Save A Life By NOT Buying A Purebred Animal!

For many associations devoted to giving refuge to abandoned animals, one of the most important activities to be pursued is to increase public awareness in regards to adoption. Sometimes public awareness…

This Girl Does Something Different --- She Cries Tears Of JOY! :))

Coming home from school and finding yourself in your bedroom with the gift that you have desired the most can play tricks on our emotions! After losing her beloved cat Simon, this young girl named Marley…

A Little Girl Strolls Through A Supermarket ...

Some children demonstrate from a young age that they have a strong personality. Then, if you add to this the fact that these children have not yet been conditioned by the social restrictions that adults…

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