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Two Little Thieves Caught In The Act!

To implement the perfect theft you need passion, skill and a touch of madness! These two sweet but very mischievous criminals have everything you need and certainly a very strong desire to grab a snack…

For This Baby, It Was At First Sight!

This little baby cannot and will not take his eyes off his mother, he looks at her totally enthralled while blissfully displaying a seraphic expression.  He looks at her so long and fixedly that even…

Two Toddlers Have Fun Getting Down! Watch This! :)

What would you do if every time you put on some music your two toddlers would start dancing around the room and having fun? Most likely you would not do anything other than put the music on repeat so…

An Ingenious Life Jacket For A Goldfish! Check It Out!

Sally is a 23-year-old goldfish and due to her advanced age she had developed swim bladder disease, also called swim bladder disorder which is a common ailment in aquarium fish. Consequently, it had become…

A Monkey Adopts Motherless Puppies!

We do not know under what circumstances this monkey now finds herself in such close contact with a litter of young puppies! Nevertheless, the fact is that the animal does not hesitate to demonstrate all…

A Young Child Sings A Cover Of "Jolene".....very Touching!

Sometimes we wish that they would never grow up. As long as they are children, they can gift us with a spontaneity that we adults can only dream about and from this capacity comes some unique experiences,…

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