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Discover "Pretty Little Braids" ... Fantastic Braided Hairstyles!

Going to school every day with a different (and beautiful) hairstyle would be the dream of many girls, but for little Grace, this is a well-established habit. As a matter of fact, Grace's mother, whose…

Jedi Is A Very Special Dog ... A Real Lifesaver!

Luke was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was only two years old. This disease requires a radical change in dietary and daily habits, and in the case of very young patients, the involvement of…

These Photos Changed This Syrian Refugee's Life!

The outbreak of a war in the place where you live means many things  --- it means risking losing people you love, risking not being able to feed your children, and it means risking losing your job. …

Build Your Dream House In A Cave?! Why Not?

The stress of modern life makes everyone dream of the day when they can leave everything and return to a nearly primordial state of life, strengthening their lost ties with nature.  For Angelo Mastropetro this…

They Rest Gently Now To Rise And Fight Another Day ...

A fifteen-year-old named Mitchell Miner and his cow named Audri participated in the annual dairy cattle fair in Iowa. In spite of all their commitment, they ranked only fifth out of seven participants.…

One Family's Heartfelt Message To Bullies ...

Reading obituaries is usually something that is only done by the relatives and friends of the person who has passed away. In fact, this obituary was written by a family who has said goodbye forever to…

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