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Never Touch Or Pet Service Dogs! Let Them Do Their Jobs!

The lives of many people who have health problems find a significant improvement from the proximity of a properly trained dog. These animals complete a long period of training before they are given to…

One Woman And Her 30 Days Of Madness!

At the age of twenty-four, Susannah Cahalan was at the beginning of a promising career as a journalist for the New York Post and had recently started a happy loving relationship. From one day one to the…

Another Sad Case Of Animal Cruelty!

Hayden Howard is the owner of a beautiful English mastiff. One day she noticed that he was particularly sad and depressed, and when she took a good look at him she understood the reason. Her dog's body…
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Recovering A Recording Of His Late Wife's Voicemail Was A Miracle!

Stan Beaton became a widower following his wife's death in 2003 due to stomach cancer. In a short amount of time, he had lost everything in their life together! He had lost her presence at home, her affection,…

Sleeping Beauty Gets A Wake-up Call From The Cops!

Savannah is an American girl whose video has been shared all over the social networks because she fell asleep in her car and nothing seemed to be able to wake her! Her mother was locked out of the car…

The Evolve (EMMA) Annual Retreat This Year? In The Maldives!

If there was a prize for "the luckiest employee of the year" it would probably have been won by the entire staff at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (EMMA) because of the director and founder of Evolve MMA,…

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