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Two Little Thieves Caught In The Act!

To implement the perfect theft you need passion, skill and a touch of madness! These two sweet but very mischievous criminals have everything you need and certainly a very strong desire to grab a snack…

A Laughing Clown Scares A Hungry Bear Away!

When having bears attack your rubbish bin every night becomes a normal thing, then you have to think of a way to keep them away because finding one right in front of you one day would be very dangerous!…

Is This Little Boy Too Cool ... To School? You Bet!

Children are unavoidably funny creatures, a bit because of their nature and often due to the situations they manage to get themselves into! This child completely surprised his parents when he started…

Ice Cream Magic! Hey! Where's My Ice Cream Cone?

Going innocently to buy an ice cream cone, and then finding yourself in the middle of a joke that has a touch of magic can be wonderful! In the video, we see a South Korean child have a nice encounter…

This Baby Can Mimic His Grandfather To PERFECTION!

Young children are very funny especially because some of them look very much like elderly people. Thake this little baby for example! We do not know exactly why he suddenly frowns, he pouts his lips,…

A Tokyo DisneySea Cast Member Animates The Crowd With Music!

In the Disney theme parks, everything is surrounded by magic. Just look at what these visitors have filmed! The man in the video seems to be an ordinary cleaning operator but soon as he strikes the protective…
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