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An Ice Carousel ? ---- A Crazy But Fun Idea That Actually Works!

For those forced to stay in the city, snow is not good news! The various complications that snow causes are certainly more numerous than the benefits! However, for those who have the opportunity to stay…
Cute Funny

A Baby Girl Says It All With Her ... EYEBROWS! :)

It is simply amazing the amount of information that is learned for the first time during early childhood! For example, in the space of a few short years, a child discovers a large part of the world in…

A Totally Unexpected Reaction When Dad Blows Out The Candles!

This young father could not expect a better birthday party, together with his six daughters. Unfortunately, the five little baby girls do not seem to like it very much when their father blows out the…

These Two House Painters Are "high" Level Professionals!

Construction work is very often one of the most tiring and physically demanding jobs, for this reason, a little inventiveness should never be lacking! In fact, these two house painters have found a method…
Cute Funny Jobs

An Unforgettable Elevator Ride With Police Officers!

Their job is to maintain law and order in our chaotic and crime infested cities, but of course, the seriousness and professionalism that they must demonstrate as police officers are not all that they…
Cute Police

Two Drunken Men Try To Transport A Sofa!

A man could not resist the temptation of using his smartphone camera in Drumquin, Ireland when he saw what were two obviously very drunk men intent on carrying and transporting a broken-down sofa. The…
Cute Funny

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