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A Mother- Professor's Response To The BBC Interview Fiasco!

Everyone is calling it the video of the year! Yes, that BBC interview with Prof. Robert Kelly in which his mischievous children end up stealing the scene from him in the most hilarious ways. Moreover,…
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Talk About Being Swept Off Your Feet!? Watch THIS!

The mother was still unloading groceries from the car, but her little daughter was in a hurry to return home, and so the little girl ran immediately and directly to the door of the house. When the little…

A Little Baby Cries! Be Careful Or You Will Cry Too!

I wonder if sweetness is innate or if you can learn and acquire it in life? We do not know, but little Aris Seems To have a really sweet natures That must have  Been with him since His birth! In fact,…

An Ice Carousel ? ---- A Crazy But Fun Idea That Actually Works!

For those forced to stay in the city, snow is not good news! The various complications that snow causes are certainly more numerous than the benefits! However, for those who have the opportunity to stay…
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A Baby Girl Says It All With Her ... EYEBROWS! :)

It is simply amazing the amount of information that is learned for the first time during early childhood! For example, in the space of a few short years, a child discovers a large part of the world in…

A Totally Unexpected Reaction When Dad Blows Out The Candles!

This young father could not expect a better birthday party, together with his six daughters. Unfortunately, the five little baby girls do not seem to like it very much when their father blows out the…

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