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A Very Special Date Night ---- Definitely One To Remember!

They had already discussed it and decided that going out for an evening would have cost too much because in addition to the money needed to pay for an evening out, they would also have to pay for a babysitter,…

Seeing His Wife Give Birth Is Mind-boggling!

It would seem by this man's reaction, that he has just found out that no, children are not brought into the world by a stork inside of a large and brightly colored handkerchief!  On the contrary, giving…

A GOOD Dad Is Also A SMART Dad! ;)

Some dads have a distinct sense of humor, as can be seen in this case! In the video we see, a man, evidently the father, who is joking with the child's mother, when he asks her what would a good father…

What Would You Do In This Situation?

Scenario --- We are in a waiting room and a cell phone rings. After a while, the owner responds and starts laughing loudly with the type of laughter that has a very annoying sound. Sitting next to the…

Even Husky Dogs Want And Need Their Own Space! Who Knew!? LOL

Huskies are dogs who are comfortable in a human family because it is their nature to feel the need to be part of a pack, but apparently, their nap time is sacrosanct for them too! In fact, when the owner…
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This Little Baby Will Not Be Playing With THIS TOY Anytime Soon!

Do you think that for a child to be entertained any game will do just as well as any other?  Well, you are wrong! Even the smallest babies have their own tastes and what can please one child is not guaranteed to…

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