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See This Jeep Disappear And Reappear In Minutes!

This is a Canadian military crew and believe it or not they can completely dismantle and reassemble a jeep in a matter of minutes! When we write dismantle "completely" we mean from the wheels to the engine,…

Here Is One Way To Sell Your Old Car! Stunning!

Eugene Romanovsky is a visual effects artist and succeed at selling his Suzuki Vitara '96 at the best price, has decided to put all his digital skills and knowledge into practice. Consequently, he created…

Warning! Remember To Check Your Handbrake!

It can happen to anyone to start driving their car with the handbrake on, but certainly, it is rare that a person does not notice this when they start driving on the highway! Yet for this driver, we cannot…

Take Two Parking Places? You Get One BIG Problem! :D

When it comes to cars and parking lots, we often feel a deep hatred for anyone who, regardless of traffic rules and civic spirit, parks their car badly! This practice not only causes harm to others, but…
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Don't Miss This Car Ride With Motoki

Someone is born to sing, others to dance, someone else to act. This guy has a true talent for imitating songs, a task that requires a bit of expertise in all three of these disciplines. Rather than singing,…
Cars Funny Music

Watch Bose's Magical Electromagnetic Car Suspension System!

What you see in action is the amazing electromagnetic suspension system developed by the Bose corporation. This system has been studied since the 1980s, and although it was a success from the technical…

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