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14 Winter Tips That Every Motorist Should Keep In Mind

Winter is the time of year that most tests the driving ability of a motorist and the resistance of a vehicle. Although cars are equipped to deal with low temperatures, when the weather becomes freezing,…
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7 Habits To Be Abandoned Immediately So As Not To Risk Damaging Your Car

Even if you are among those who pay the utmost attention to car care, if you want to limit as much as possible the risk of having a mechanical breakdown or simply want to make sure that your car stays…

10 Cars Parked In The Wrong Place ... And Their Owners Paid Dearly For The Mistake!

Those who live in a high-density housing area will certainly understand the sense of anger mixed with disdain that you feel when you see a car parked in the wrong place, or worse still a vehicle that…

Here Are Some Of The Most Absurd Cars Ever Seen On The Road

The conditions of a car can say a lot about the character of its owner. An untidy person who pays very little attention to detail will undoubtedly not drive a car that is neat and clean. Just as a truly out-of-the-ordinary…

This Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Remove Ice From A Windshield

Among the many inconveniences related to winter, there is one that is a problem for all motorists!  Namely, finding the windshield covered with ice --- which is not a small matter because it causes considerable…

22 People Who Have Personalized Their Car In A Truly Original Way

Our car is one of the possessions we care about the most, not only because it makes travel easier, but because in taking us from one place to another, it becomes a witness to everything that happens…

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