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Newly invented shoes with GPS to track elderly family members with Alzheimer's and prevent them from getting lost!

In an elderly person, among the first symptoms of senile dementia or Alzheimer's, is the serious problem of disorientation that emerges. In fact, the elderly person begins to progressively lose their…

The extraordinary and superlight Russian motorbike

The amazing Russian all-wheel drive motorcycle doesn't seem to stop at anything. As well as being extremely light is also very resistant. Produced by Tarus, located in Kaluga, this bike has been designed…

He wraps a toothpick in aluminum foil and heats it up: what happens is INSANE !

In this video you can see the explosive power that can be generated with a single match. With aluminum foil and some skewers, this guy makes a matchbox rocket. A truly amazing idea to obviously use with…

How to Cut tomatoes in 3 seconds

Who has ever had to cut tomatoes in half? When we have to cut 2 or 3 it's fun, but imagine having a dinner having to serve many of them, it becomes a real nuisance. In this video you can see a really…

What do you think about a hidden swimming pool?

The creator of this pool was really clever ...

Who wouldn't want one of these !?

A vehicle with no limits: the Gibbs Quadski is an amphibious vehicle launched in 2012 that combines the features of a quadricycle with those of a jetski.

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