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Video Inventions

The extraordinary and superlight Russian motorbike

The amazing Russian all-wheel drive motorcycle doesn't seem to stop at anything. As well as being extremely light is also very resistant. Produced by Tarus, located in Kaluga, this bike has been designed…

Who wouldn't want one of these !?

A vehicle with no limits: the Gibbs Quadski is an amphibious vehicle launched in 2012 that combines the features of a quadricycle with those of a jetski.

What do you think about a hidden swimming pool?

The creator of this pool was really clever ...

Great ideas to maximise space

There is never enough space in houses and maximising it can really improve the quality of life: here is the presentation of some brilliant items of furniture.

One of the most technological machinery in the world

Looking at this gem of technology in action is truly mesmerizing and fascinating: the CTX gamma 2000 TC is able to perform a series of operations with pinpoint precision, producing high quality components…

Look at what happens when the key of this 1700 piece of furniture is turned !

This furniture was designed in the late 1700s by Abraham and David Roentgen in Germany, with the help of dozens of skilled artisans. With its many compartments and internal mechanisms is a true gem of…

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