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Newly invented shoes with GPS to track elderly family members with Alzheimer's and prevent them from getting lost!

In an elderly person, among the first symptoms of senile dementia or Alzheimer's, is the serious problem of disorientation that emerges. In fact, the elderly person begins to progressively lose their…

Australia has stopped the spread of plastic pollution in its rivers! Here are the advantages of their new system that we should all adopt!

The pollution caused by plastic is undoubtedly one of the most harmful to the environment. It is not just what is visible to the naked eye but also the microscopic fibers that contaminate fauna, flora,…

A young man creates "Water that can be eaten" to help elderly patients stay hydrated

Elderly people, and even more so those who suffer from dementia, can incur risks to their health just because they do not drink enough water. In fact, for the elderly, the sense of thirst is almost completely…

18 inventions that have cleverly changed the way parents do things!

Designers, as everyone knows, are always up to something! When it is your job to be creative, then you do not resign yourself to doing things the same old way. Consequently, this is why the most ancient…

This tractor eliminates weeds without using herbicides --- here is how it functions!

Do you also believe that history moves in a circular pattern and that sooner or later we will return to doing what our ancestors used to do? In fact, even today we have already seen some signs of this…

14 people who would rightly deserve a Nobel Prize for the idea they had

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards that a person can receive in the fields of science and culture. However, if the power to choose who to award the Nobel Prize was given to ordinary…

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