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Here is an ingenious technique to irrigate plants and save a lot of water!

Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly rare, which is why not wasting it has become a priority which no one can afford to ignore. Much of the water that is used for cultivation is…

He puts the base of the lettuce in a glass of water. Shortly after? WHOA!

Not everyone knows that there is a large amount of vegetables that can you can safely "reborn" at home without special effort. One of these, as you can see, is lettuce. Putting the base of the plant in…
DIY Green

A sea turtle eats garbage left in the sea --- but this time it will not end as you think!

They have taught you, and hopefully, you, in turn, have taught your children to never throw trash or garbage on the ground! Well, today we tell you just the opposite! In fact, if you happen to buy a 6-pack…

See how this special tent can completely revolutionize ​​camping!

What is one of the main problems that you encounter when you go camping? Certainly the lack of comfort, which drives many people to opt for solutions with less "nature" and more conveniences! Fortunately,…

A girl puts different plants in a large vase pot --- The end result is absolutely magical!

If you want to embellish your garden with a perfect fairy-tale-like setting, then this DIY project perfect for you! First, you need a large vase pot, some small plants, and flowers.   Remember:…

How to grow you own pistachio tree!

Pistachios are one of those foods that cause a kind of addiction because, as they say for cherries, one leads to another. The ideal situation would be to have a plant in your garden that gives you pistachios…
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