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This Determined Little 3-year-old Ice Skater Will Warm Your Heart ...

When we are talking about very young children performing or exhibiting skills in some sport or special hobby you always expect to witness amazing feats and small miracles!  However, this time we only…

Team Russia One Shows The World Synchronized Skating At Its Best!

In synchronized skating, teams are made up of 12-16 people, and the teams that come to be known internationally are able to put on a really unique dance choreography that showcases the stunning coordination…

An Absolutely SPECTACULAR "Hail Mary" Throw!

Often the most ingenious ideas or the best actions occur in times of haste and anxiety. As a matter of fact, this basketball team was lucky enough to score the decisive point and win in the last seconds…

The Very Best Ping Pong Trick Shots!

Those who like to watch table tennis matches know that the great champions are capable of incredible feats that sometimes the human eye can barely perceive! In fact, what can be done with a paddle and…

Two Young Soccer Players Stun The Stadium ...

On more than one occasion soccer, has been shown to be lax in acknowledging the basic rules of sport, including the ones dealing with morality. Fair play no longer accompanies the soccer players onto…

A Paradise For Surfers -- Inland?! YES!

For a surfer riding the crest of the perfect wave, is one of the greatest satisfactions of life! Of course, it is not always possible to find the right weather conditions or have the sea just a few…

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