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A Dream Come True! This Motorbike Can Do It All!

Bike lovers, now you no longer have to consider the idea of being able to switch from land to water with the same vehicle as something crazy or impossible! Now a means of transport that allows this fantastic experience…

Watch The FIVE-TIME CHAMPION Figure Skater Javier Fernandez! WoW!

The 2017 European Figure Skating Championships have just concluded and for the fifth consecutive year, the Spanish skater Javier Fernandez won the gold in the men's single short program. With a performance…

One Ping-pong Match And Two Players With A Total Of Two Hands?! What?

He lost both arms at age ten because of an accident and, as he himself explains: "In the village where I lived the most popular sports were football and ping-pong (table tennis). So immediately, after…

A Walking Workout On Water? Yes! Check It Out!

If you are of those people who just cannot sit still on the beach sunbathing all day, then, here is something that you can have lot of fun with at the seaside! This gadget is called the Hobie Mirage Eclipse…

This Little Girl Scaled Climbing Walls Before She Could Walk!

This "Little Zen Monkey" named Ellie is a little girl who learned to scale climbing walls before she could even walk! As a matter of fact, here in this video, the child is 19 months old and clearly demonstrates…

This Determined Little 3-year-old Ice Skater Will Warm Your Heart ...

When we are talking about very young children performing or exhibiting skills in some sport or special hobby you always expect to witness amazing feats and small miracles!  However, this time we only…

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