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Giorgio Minisini And Manila Flamini (ITA) Mixed Duet Wins The Gold Medal

During the synchronized swimming duet competition at the World Water Sports Championships 2017 Budapest, the couple, Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini won a historic gold! The first in absolute for…

Exhilarating POV Full Run Down A Mountain Parkour Course!

Parkour is a sports activity based on free body movement, in which the athelete, while running on foot has to exploit obstacles and all structures in any metropolitan city to perform pirouettes, jumps,…

Remember --- If You Won't ... Then Maybe Somebody Else Will.

The so-called Kiss Cam is a kind of game that is done mainly during sports matches! It is very fashionable in the United States and consists simply of kissing your partner when you see that the Kiss Cam…
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Saudi Arabian Players Refuse To Observe A Minute Of Silence ...

During a game to qualify for the World Cup Russia 2018, there was an episode that has raised many concerns among the international community. T he teams scheduled to play were Australia and Saudi Arabia…

Belgian Princess Sends Prime Minister To The Hospital!

Princess Astrid of Belgium, who is King Philip's sister, was chosen to shoot the starting gunshot at the beginning of the Brussels 20km Run, an international 20 km race in Brussels. Certainly, no one…

Baseball 101? Never Forget To Touch The Home Plate!

If you do not know any baseball rules, you should know that if a player hits the baseball so hard that it goes off the playing field over the back fence, then the player can run towards home plate and…

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