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Baseball 101? Never Forget To Touch The Home Plate!

If you do not know any baseball rules, you should know that if a player hits the baseball so hard that it goes off the playing field over the back fence, then the player can run towards home plate and…

Figure Skater Evgenia Medevdeva Pays Homage To "Sailor Moon"!

During the ISU World Team Trophy 2017 in Tokyo, the champion figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva of the Russian team decided to pay homage to the country of the Rising Sun, with an exhibition theme.   Consequently,…

Discover How To Make "love Handles" Disappear!

When the weather is warmer and people are starting to put away sweaters and coats in favor of lighter clothing, having an abdomen and hips that are in shape can be really important. The aesthetic factor…

A Stunning Snooker Trick Shot! Unbelievable!!

The shot that pool player Shaun Murphy had to make was nothing short of impossible! This is also apparent from the ironic tone in the voice of the reporters describing this dramatic moment. The red ball…

This Young Disabled Basketball Player Still Makes Stunning Shots!

Many people have commented on this video saying that "to mark a player without arms is difficult because you feel that it is just not right (not morally correct)". Nevertheless, we think that in order…

Monster Pushups! How Does He Do It?!

It is one thing is to do push ups, quite another to do them while trying to maintain precariously your equilibrium and balance! Our athlete is able to do something that is really complex! He maintains…

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