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An Uninvited Guest Is In The Swimming Pool!

On days that are really hot, the only way to cool off is to dive into some water. Those who have a swimming pool at home should know that they are lucky, although it may happen that they have to deal…

An Octopus Makes Its GREAT ESCAPE!

Some fishermen have just pulled a big octopus out of the sea onto their boat, but it does not intend to surrender to the idea of being caught. Most of the men think that they have closed all possible…

A Dog Named Bruno Has Become A Legend In His Own Time!

Longville is a tiny town in Minnesota that has only 200 inhabitants. The whole community is very active and makes sure that no one lacks for anything and every day is different except for one thing! Namely,…

China Contaminates And Kills Fish Around Pagasa (Thitu) Island

What is happening to the inhabitants of the Pagasa (Thitu) island, in the Chinese sea and the marine species that populate it, has been made known worldwide through a Facebook page. Chinese ships in transit…

Another Makeover Story With A Very Happy Ending!

Many women claim to be no longer beautiful the way they were when they were younger. Certainly, their appearance is very different but real beauty does not disappear like a fading rose.  Beauty remains,…

In China, A Mountain Landslide Covers Part Of A Forest!

In China, weeks of intense rains led to various discomforts in the cities, but no one ever thought of seeing a phenomenon such as what happened to this mountain! In the video, there are men who document…

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