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Time-Lapse Hercules Beetle Transformations! Mesmerizing!

The Hercules beetle is one of the largest beetles in the world! In fact, the male can reach up to 18 cm (7 inches) in length although the majority of the body length is occupied by the frontal horn.…

Not Even This Remote Island Can Escape Plastic Litter! Incredible!

Henderson Island is an island of discrete size located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is uninhabited and is visited only once every five to ten years by some scientists also located 5000 km away from…

Hair Like This You Have Rarely Seen Before!

We see at first that this woman's hair is collected and held at the back of her head in a bun. Then, it is revealed that her hair is actually long, but it is only at the end that you will understand that…

See This Jeep Disappear And Reappear In Minutes!

This is a Canadian military crew and believe it or not they can completely dismantle and reassemble a jeep in a matter of minutes! When we write dismantle "completely" we mean from the wheels to the engine,…

The Eyeborg --- Gives One-eyed Filmmaker Another Perspective!

Rob Spence lost the sight from his right eye six years ago after a shotgun accident on his grandfather's farm. Today, Rob has had his right eye replaced with a prosthesis. The amazing thing is that this…

Make Your Own Delicious Cotton Candy At Home!

To eat cotton candy, you usually you have to wait for a country fair or some event where there are stands selling sweets, unless you want to buy the whole machine, but that could prove to be inconvenient…

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