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A Life Lesson We All Can Learn From ...

Each parent lives the important moments of their children's lives with an emotion and intensity that their children often do not even realize. One of those moments is the transition from one school grade…

What A Child Can Do In A Few Seconds Is Astounding!

You know how it is, just a moment of distraction and the little ones at home are able to make a complete mess of anything they get their hands on.... and then to lie shamelessly about their naughty conduct!…

Septuplets (SEVEN Twins!) And Their Amazing Story!

Even today a twin pregnancy (or multi-neonatal) is generally considered at risk, imagine, twenty years ago, what expectations, a couple had when they were told that the mother-to-be was expecting not…

Advice To Parents About Appreciating Their Children!

True love is said to be discovered only when you see your child born. It is also said that the worst thing that can happen to a parent is to survive their children. Richard Pringle cannot deny any of…

A Baby Gender Balloon Reveal SURPRISE! ;D

This American tradition has been seen so many times in videos that it has spread around the world and even where it is was not a tradition now many people around the world have begun to replicate it!…
Fail Family Funny

Gender Reveal After Having Four Daughters ...

Four daughters are sitting at the table ready to eat a cupcake while their dad watches them in religious silence. The color of the filling inside of the cupcake will reveal whether it is a little girl…

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