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Watch This Elaborate "vendetta" Prank! .... WoW!

It was a few days before Christmas and this husband and wife told each other that they would both go shopping for Christmas gifts separately that afternoon. So, after returning home and finding the house…

Cutting Off His Beard Was Only The First Step ...

It is the same old story, wives ask their husbands to change their look against their will. Even the result, alas, is also always the same, with men who cannot take it anymore and give in to women who…

Once There Were Only Two Dancers But Now There Are THREE! :)

This young couple passes the time while they are waiting for their child to be born by doing exactly what they used to do before the pregnancy!  Which was to dance like crazy! Yes, all the most beautiful…
Dances Family Funny

This Man Got The Best Birthday Present EVER!

A birthday is a very special day to celebrate, especially if you have a party and celebrate it with your whole family. However, the moment becomes an unforgettable event when you discover that you are…

Watch How Dancing And Having Fun Never Grow Old!

Have you ever started making a video and then realized that things were not going as you had planned? That is exactly what happened to this young girl, little Alexia, who decided to film herself while…

Maybe "the Force" Is Still Strong With Dad But His Son? Meh...

This dad had a brilliant idea to give his two-year-old son Sebastian a little scare (obviously nothing dangerous!). Being aware of his son's passion for Star Wars, dad wanted to see what reaction the…

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