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See How This Man Keeps His Wife From Sleeping At Night!

Usually among the reasons why you cannot sleep at night are insomnia, high levels of stress, and partners who snore in an unbearable manner. But the woman who made this video clip has captured on film…

Eight Siblings In An Ecstatic Christmas Dance Show!

Every year the "Slamminammon" prepare a choreographed Christmas show and post it online.  What is the novelty? The members of the group are eight brothers and sisters and every year they put on a dance…

An Ambitious Grandfather Learns English For Xmas!

A Polish company called Allegro has created a Christmas advertising campaign with a commercial that manages to be both touching and deliciously entertaining at the same time.  The protagonist is an…

A Double Surprise For An Unsuspecting Aunt!

In life when you have a sister with whom to share the happy news of a pregnancy, it is always an added value at a moment that is already a happy one. However, when the future aunt is particularly emotional,…

A Father And Daughter Who Can Really Cut The Rug!

The bride, Mikala Ellison, is not the only person in her family who likes to dance. Almost everyone in her family loves dancing, especially her father who on the occasion of his daughter's wedding, decided…

A Father And Daughter In A Tender Duet!

We can only imagine how happy this father must feel as he watches his daughter having fun trying to sing a song that he is singing and playing on his guitar. Of course, the child is too young to know…

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