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Video Of Travels

Does camping frighten you? --- Relax! Here's a tent with light, heat, electricity, AND the Internet!

Sleeping in a tent is one of those experiences that you have to try at least once in your life, especially if you are nature lovers! However, if you are afraid of the lack of modern comforts, well now…

How to pack LIKE A BOSS

Space problems in your luggage? Watch the video and you will be surprised for how many things you can put into a hand luggage

The design of this camper is incredible: look what happens to the walls ... Wow!

The De Markies Trailer, which initially looks like a regular camper, is actually an amazing mobile home designed in 1985 by designer Eduard Bohtlingk. Its central structure has two walls that fan out…

These 25 photos are #Only in Dubai ... Take a look!

Those who still think of Dubai as one of the many cities lost in the dusty, hot and dry, desert are grossly mistaken. However, even those who consider Dubai to be rich, unbridled, and without rules are…

An ingenious invention lets you sleep ANYWHERE!

Are you one of those people who cannot resist the call of Morpheus once you are sitting comfortably on public transport? Well, we have found a product that might come in handy! During these improvised…

He wraps a sweatshirt around his laptop: here's a tricks that you couldn't live without!

When it's holiday time, knowing the little tricks to simplify your life can help you maximize your relaxing time. Whether you're planning a trip by train or a single night camping, DaveHax shows you how…
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