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These 25 photos are #Only in Dubai ... Take a look!

Those who still think of Dubai as one of the many cities lost in the dusty, hot and dry, desert are grossly mistaken. However, even those who consider Dubai to be rich, unbridled, and without rules are…

Giethoorn --- a Dutch village with only waterways and no streets!

Walking along the streets of Giethoorn (Holland) you will be seriously tempted to believe that you are living in a dream come true, one made of beautiful plants, crystal clear streams, and cottages that…

Do you like camper vans? Take a look at this one!

If you love traveling on the road, but you do not want to buy a camper because it is too cumbersome, here is the solution that you should definitely take into consideration, the "star" of the German Hymer…

A Love Story --- on a split screen!

Two people living on two different continents, both make a decision to leave for a trip and then it happens  --- an encounter of two souls destined to love each other. All this you will see through a…

Chamois --- a beautiful Italian town that is an Alpine marvel!

If you are looking for a place that is fresh and cool to spend the summer or in which to appreciate the wonders of winter, you should visit Chamois, a small town in Val d'Aosta (northern Italy) which…
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Discover a clever way to pack your suitcase! Wow!

We are always looking for ways to save time and space, especially when we must go on a trip and face the dreaded moment when we have to "pack our suitcase" or bag! Do not worry, with this amazing method…

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