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Video Of Technology

Photoshop in real life

A Wizard of Photoshop, a bus stop and a lot of hidden cameras ...

Incredible helicopter doing a 360° back flip

A stunning demonstration of the remarkable ability of this helicopter. It's a lynx and will hopefully be used only for these acrobatic shows !

His 2 sons use mobile phones during dinner: the father's reaction is hilarious!

For a teenager taking his eyes from his mobile phone is really difficult, as much as it is for an adult having to deal with the constant distraction of a child. This nice scene takes us precisely in a…

What do you think about a hidden swimming pool?

The creator of this pool was really clever ...

One of the most technological machinery in the world

Looking at this gem of technology in action is truly mesmerizing and fascinating: the CTX gamma 2000 TC is able to perform a series of operations with pinpoint precision, producing high quality components…

Just a few minutes are enough to realize how revolutionary this invention is !

It's called "concrete canvas" and is the ingenious invention that could have important applications especially in the management of humanitarian emergencies. This material, which is soft, is in fact able…

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