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Video Spectacular

Diving into the pool with the Superslide

Ohio Dreams is a sports field and it is located in Butler Ohio in the United States, for the summer they have created a giant slide to dive into the pool.

The crazier water slide

Here it is the extreme jump from the water slide ...

A man spends 25 years underground: what he's creating is beyond imagination !

Ra Paulette is not an architect or an engineer, but an ordinary man who 25 years ago began digging his home in the hills of New Mexico. The result of this long work is a masterpiece, a magical place where…

Thrilling cat rescue

A firefighter saves a cat from certain death in a house ... You really cannot miss it!

When playing becomes useful

Do you think that doing everyday jobs is a boring? Fortunately, not everyone has the same opinion! This cute and energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse seems to have a lot of fun helping her "mum",…

Ken Block: when perfection travels on four wheels

For those who still don't know him, he is an extraordinary pilot, Ken Block. In this video he shows us his undoubted talent in the streets of San Francisco
Cars Drift Motors Rally Spectacular

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