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This man is deaf, but look how he communicates with his cat. Extraordinary!

The communication between an animal and the one who cares of it knows no barriers: so the cat of a death man can develop an incredible way to communicate, using movements and touching his arm get his…

This poor dog was born without two legs, but thanks to wheels he can move independently

This adorable chihuahua was destined to an unhappy life since its first adoptive family was no longer able to deal with it. A loving veterinary however fell in love and decided to adopt him and help him…

This woman is no longer self-sufficient -- what her husband does will bring tears to your eyes....

If you are looking for evidence of the actual existence of true love, then this video will certainly give you some real proof that it does exist! Bill and his wife Glad, have been together since he was…

A woman plays in the countryside with a group of dogs that are really SPECIAL. Wow!

It is not uncommon for physically challenged individuals to teach us life lessons that help us to understand the real difficulties of life instead of focusing on the less important things. When this happens,…

This little girl and her special cihuahua have a lot to teach us !

Sometimes surfing the web you can find magical stories that can be an inspiration to all. Rikki is a sweet chihuahua with a deformity of the front paws and has struggled to find a family, until thanks…

The spectacular 2016 Rio Paralympics trailer --- A Must See!

To the sound of the slogan "Yes I Can" (Si, Io posso), this incredible video montage announces the start of the 2016 Rio Paralympics Games, where athletes who have a physical disability compete in all…

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