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A recent graduate shares photos of the floor he slept and studied on: he never gave up

Studying to reach a goal - be it a diploma, a degree or for personal satisfaction - is never easy: it requires commitment, determination and effort. But imagine how difficult it must be to do it when…

A homeless man cries for joy when he finds out that $17,000 has been raised to give him a roof over his head

Sometimes, it takes less than you might think to completely change a person's life. It's true, individually we will never be able to eradicate poverty and the problem of homelessness in large cities,…

He saves a life but is fired: an indignant city supports him and the lifeguard has his revenge

Can you lose your job for saving a life? It seems absurd, yet this is what happened to the young lifeguard Tomas Lopez: the boy was on duty at Hallandale Beach, Florida, when a bather ran to him, warning…

A young mom finds $42,000 in some used clothes and returns it to the owner

Ever found money on the street or hidden in old clothes? Few people are so fortunate. In real life, unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees and must be earned through hard work. Andrea Lessing had…

A hairdresser encourages her clients to change their look with a short cut: 15 well executed styles

When it comes to changing our look, we can feel a mixture of apprehension and excitement: a simple haircut can hide a desire for change that goes beyond physical appearances. Because a new look can also…

A single mom dresses up as a man to accompany her son to Father's Day at school

Growing up with only one parent is not easy for a child, even if the father or mother would do anything to make sure he never misses out. Despite the assured affection, there are times in the life of…

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