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"I haven't eaten in 2 days": a 79-year-old man calls the police and the officers go shopping for him

Some stories have the power to make us smile and put a little trust in humanity, because they tell of perhaps sad and negative situations, in which people took care of others, making themselves the heroes…

With very little money a student managed to refurbish his old and dirty room: a great job

Anyone who has had to leave home, perhaps to move to another city, for study, work or simply for pleasure, knows very well how it feels to approach a new home, a new bedroom and, above all, new room mates.…

He worked as a street cleaner to pay for his studies: today he has been admitted to one of the most prestigious universities

When you have a dream in your heart, you have to work hard and put every single piece of energy into play to make it happen. Although it may seem like a hopeless challenge, we must never give up on the…

From panhandler to model: how one photograph changed this girl's life

Sometimes luck has a way of arriving in the nick of time. As unpredictable as destiny and fate are, it doesn't mean we can't hope for a better future for ourselves. Chances are, our luck could change…

An old woman builds a "zoo" in her yard to make all the passersby smile

In times of medical emergency, many people thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to do good for others (and ultimately also for themselves) with kind and exemplary action. Despite the difficulties,…

Boy with prosthetic legs walks 10 km and raises 1 million euros for the hospital that saved his life

Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it. And this isn't just an expression we say to ourselves to make us feel better. Men, women, and children everywhere have pushed through so many obstacles…

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