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"Show off your tummy and don't be ashamed": influencer encourages all women to wear bikinis without shame

Coming to terms with your body, accepting it as it is and not having too hangups about who we are and what others think, is not always easy. Especially for women, keeping a perfect figure and being…

Child studies in the street at a cardboard desk while her father cleans passing cars: she gets a scholarship

Social networks can be an important starting point for promoting stories of protest, hardship and poverty, in the hope that the large community behind the screens and keyboards will not remain insensitive…

Homeless man asks for a slice of cake for his birthday: a barber gives him a makeover and takes him out for dinner

It is certainly true, that it will not be the kind gesture of a single individual that will erase poverty or change the fate of another person forever, but certainly the small things one can do for…

Young man goes to his prom in a sequined jacket and dress: "Be what you want to be"

Achieving your dreams and finally feeling at peace with yourself - as well as being accepted by your parents and friends - is probably one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Everyone deserves…

Her boyfriend leaves her because she is "too fat": she loses weight and wins a major beauty contest

Failed romantic relationships always cause deep wounds, but sometimes the pain can motivate a person to try to improve their life and to be happy again. An example of this is Jen Atkin who, after being…

Strangers make fun of him for his makeup, but he replies: "I'm here to be happy, not to please others"

These days, it is still very difficult for many people to be able to accept diversity or, better still, those lifestyle choices that make human beings unique. Each of us is different from anyone else,…

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