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"I don't help my wife": a husband teaches a life lesson to men who don't participate in domestic life

A fair and equitable distribution of household chores within a couple, whether married or not, seems to be the starting point on which a relationship can develop in a healthy way and without any kind…

19 men who decided to grow a beard to improve their appearances

While women often use makeup to improve their appearance, many men use beards as natural "make-up" to hide blemishes and grow their more charm. It's not obvious that everyone can grow a beautiful beard…

A widowed man living with cancer adopts terminally ill children to help them in their last days of life

There are people destined to do good for their fellow humans much more so than many others: life teaches us this when we are faced with their wonderful and motivational stories. Despite their difficulties,…

20 women who felt they needed a change and revolutionized their look

No one is perfect, but often each of us tries to strive for perfection in some way. Women all over the world are always trying to look beautiful and elegant in every moment of their lives, wearing the…

Bullied at school for wearing a pink shirt 'til teacher shows up with a shirt of the same color

The issue of bullying has now been debated and brought to the fore in many ways, yet cases of this kind still persist in schools, even among the youngest children. The pretexts for a campaign of mockery…

Australian firefighters pose with animals for charity in the new 2021 calendar

The Australian fire brigade calendar is now an important tradition which has been in production since 1993. It is a charity project, which aims to provide concrete help to the Children's Hospital Foundation,…

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