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Which watermelon should you buy? Here are four golden rules to choose the best one ... Keep them in mind!

Eating a slice of watermelon in the summer is ideal to refresh yourself a little and enjoy a light snack during the day. In fact, it is the least caloric fruit we have available during the summer and…
Food Tricks

Amaze your guests --- create a cylindrical hard-boiled egg!

Do you just love playing around in the kitchen?  Well, then, try making this cylindrical hard-boiled egg! First, put a cylindrical glass container in a pot of water to boil and separate the egg yolks…
Food Ideas Kitchen

Celiac disease (Gluten Intolerance) Symptoms and Side-Effects!

Among the disorders related to gluten, there is not only celiac disease. Although this disease has spread exponentially in recent years, there are along with it also other minor allergies and alimentary…
Food Health Useful

This chef put in a pan WATER and BACON: my mouth is watering !

Cooking bacon may seem simple, but the risk of getting it dry and hard can be really high. So this chef reveals his trick to make perfect bacon: water. Pouring a lot in the pan, it makes sure that the…

Tips for Expert Grilling!

Usually, when you cook with a grill it is because you are in the company of friends, for this reason, no errors are allowed! To elevate your grilling skills to a much higher level, just follow these little…
Food Kitchen Tricks

Can I really do this with a strawberry?

Fruit is essential and any advice that may facilitate the consumption is well accepted. In this case, also to prevent unnecessary waste, you will see how you can get the maximum from each fruit with the…

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