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Here is the ultimate trick for making popcorn --- Use a wok!

Who does not love popcorn? At the movies, but also at home, before or after meals, popcorn is always welcome. Today we show you a practical and fast way to make popcorn without the need of a microwave.…
Food Kitchen Tricks

When you see what this vending machine is able to do, you'll want one at home!

Have you ever been caught by an uncontrollable craving for pizza out of the blue? Perhaps even when you didn't have time to sit in the restaurant and a eat one with no rush. In Sorrento we found the solution…
Food Wtf

Exquisite Coconut Pralines --- only three ingredients and NO COOKING . . .

Do you adore Coconut Pralines?  In just a few steps you can learn to prepare them with only three simple ingredients and no cooking! First of all, procure desiccated coconut, hazelnuts or almonds, and…

Cut out an "X" from an old T-shirt . . . Put a ball in the middle to make a dog toy!

Recycling is a great way to reduce waste and the number of things that we throw away, and it also serves to release from time to time the creative spirit in each of us. The DIY idea that we offer you…
Food Ideas Kitchen

Homemade Lemon soufflé . . . A delicious dessert in only 15 minutes!

One of the classic desserts that is often served at the end of a meal is lemon sorbet or lemon ice cream served inside an empty lemon fruit shell. Its sour taste in fact, does not make the stomach feel…

To clean fresh mussels put them in a plastic bag ... and a few minutes later the results will be perfect!

Cleaning fish can be such a laborious and tedious process that it can effectively discourage any culinary endeavors involving any type of seafood such as mussels! But with a few savvy tricks, great unexpected…
DIY Food Tricks

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