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Can I really do this with a strawberry?

Fruit is essential and any advice that may facilitate the consumption is well accepted. In this case, also to prevent unnecessary waste, you will see how you can get the maximum from each fruit with the…

It's lunchtime for Japanese students: what they are taught to do is amazing!

Every day, all human beings eat, sleep, and talk to each other. But if you think that each of these actions is done in the same way around the world, you are wrong. There are so many different cultures…

This chef put in a pan WATER and BACON: my mouth is watering !

Cooking bacon may seem simple, but the risk of getting it dry and hard can be really high. So this chef reveals his trick to make perfect bacon: water. Pouring a lot in the pan, it makes sure that the…

Here's how they prepare crepes in Japan: after a few minutes your mouth will be watering!

Street food, is usually characterized by imagination and originality needed to attract the largest number of passers-by. In this case look how, starting from what seems like a simple crepe, these two…
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A child taste bacon for the first time: his reaction is EPIC

OK, eating bacon is definitely not healthy and definitely a nice salad is always preferable but ... we can't deny that once in a while all we grant an exception to the rule! Bacon is so delicious that…

How is this well-known food produced? --- Maybe you will not like what you discover!

Do you know how a hot dog is produced? It starts with a mixture of finely chopped chicken, pork, and beef to which is added a mixture of flavor enhancers, in addition to salt.  It then proceeds to be…
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