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Making coffee with a percolator: 5 useful tips that could help make your coffee taste better

For many people across the world, preparing a cup of coffee is more than just a simple task; it's a ritual. Certain rules and guidelines must be followed for those looking for the right taste and water-coffee…

A tiramisu without eggs or mascarpone: a tasty variation which is fast and figure friendly

It is a dessert that is really difficult to resist, which meets the sweet tooth of many people. We are talking about tiramisu, a very tasty dessert usually prepared with eggs, mascarpone, cocoa, coffee…

Homemade bechamel: how to prepare it easily and with few ingredients

In times of quarantine in which we are all forced to remain closed within our homes, we are all rediscovering our inner chefs and learning how to make good bread, genuine pizza and refined, light and…
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The 12-spoon cake: a simple recipe that's so easy to prepare, you don't even have to measure out the ingredients

One thing is definitely certain about the Coronavirus epidemic: with everyone forced to stay inside their homes and isolate themselves from the outside world, many of us have rediscovered our love for…
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Homemade bread: the recipe for preparing potato bread, a soft and tasty variation

Knowing how to make bread is a skill that may seem trivial, but which, in reality, requires a lot of practice to be perfected. Furthermore, knowing how to make bread means having the possibility of having…

The 3-ingredient focaccia: a substitute for bread that is easy to prepare, tasty and inexpensive

Bread is one of those foods that should never be missing at home. Its varieties are truly infinite and, when we don't have it available to accompany our dishes, we certainly miss it. It happens to everyone…

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