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Video Drawing

Here's how to draw your hand in 3D: AMAZING !

Sometimes with a few tricks and a bit 'of exercise you can achieve amazing results. Remember when you used to draw you hand on some paper? Well, times change, now you can do it in 3D!

He draws some lines on a sheet but his final creation is AMAZING !

Being able to draw the world around us as it is, it's not just a matter of talent and genius: even those who are not gifted can learn the technique. In this video you will see how you can draw 3D objects…
Art Curious Drawing Wtf

He starts with simple lines, but his 3D drawing will leave you petrified! Wow!

This young artist as well as being a great designer can be described as an illusionist. Anyone would think the snake drawn on a sheet of paper is a real one going for your feet! If you don't believe it,…
Animals Art Drawing

Look at how you can draw a perfect circle freehand !

Everyone has tried to draw a circle freehand butmost probably with poor results: with this easy exercise you'l be able to do what only a few talented people can.

He starts by spreading common table salt --- When the frame expands you will be stunned!

What can be done with simple table salt? Its use is not only for food in the kitchen, but also for something much more creative and artistic! Take, for example, a black surface and let's spread some…
Art Drawing

How do you draw a picture in perfect perspective?

Perspective is one of the fundamental rules of drawing. In the absence of perspective, even the best works would not be very pleasant to the eyes. The use of perspective allows for the linear representation…

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