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Video About Love

An Unhappy Marriage Damages Health Just Like Alcohol And Smoking! Here Are The Study Results ...

Being married - or having a long-term relationship - is something that protects us from many diseases and enables us to live longer. There are several studies that have already investigated this type…

Until A Person Arrives Who Does These 10 Things ... You Should Remain Single!

The saying goes: "Better alone than in bad company" ... Of course, there are those who do not believe this and yet this is true. If there is one thing that the pain of love relationships that have failed…

Why Did God Create Grandmothers? --- The Answer That This Young Boy Gives Is Absolutely Adorable!

Who doesn't love their grandmother? But above all, what would the world be without grandmothers? The stories they tell us, delicious lunches, secret recipes, and surprise gifts when it is not even Christmas…

23 Poignant Stories That Prove That True Love Still Exists

We're getting used to negative thinking, to criticizing others, and not seeing the positive things that life still offers us. Perhaps if we just opened our eyes to the good things that surround us, we…

At The Age Of 7, He Sends A Christmas Package To The Philippines And 14 Years Later, That Gesture Will Change His Life!

In 2000, a seven-year-old American boy sent a charitable gift package to the Philippines. Tyrel Wolfe had, in fact, joined a project called "Operation Christmas Child" in which American children sent…

10 Signs That Clearly Say That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

In love, it is always wrong to make generalizations or try to establish universal rules because every story is different because the protagonists are always different. However, there are clear signs…

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