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Video About Love

A Jewel Is Hidden --- Within A Jewel!

Is there a minimum period of time to wait before deciding to get married? Probably yes, but quantifying it is difficult. For this young man, a year of engagement was enough, but instead of immediately…

Advice To Parents About Appreciating Their Children!

True love is said to be discovered only when you see your child born. It is also said that the worst thing that can happen to a parent is to survive their children. Richard Pringle cannot deny any of…

No Matter What --- We Must Follow Our Hearts!

Our first love almost always happens within the school walls, the place that influences so much of our lives and for such a long period of time. It is here that for the first time we set our eyes on…

A Love Story --- On A Split Screen!

Two people living on two different continents, both make a decision to leave for a trip and then it happens  --- an encounter of two souls destined to love each other. All this you will see through a…

Why We Need Grandmothers! :)

One day, a four-year-old girl named Sandra decided to spend time with her grandmother who works in a flower shop. The two began to make small talk until at a certain point the conversation focused on…

The Heart Will Go On ... ❤️

After 33 years of marriage, Janet died from a heart attack. Her husband, Winston, in a few seconds, saw his world crumble around him, sure that the pain of her death could never be overcome. Even though…
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