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Video Of Animals

A Husky Dog And Its Owner Always Argue But Who Gets The Last Word?!

Siberian husky dogs are known for their playful nature as well as for their proverbial stubbornness! In fact, judging by the attitude of the Husky puppy that we see here in the video clip, it would seem…

A Dog Discovers That A Friend In Need -- Is A Friend Indeed! :)

Probably when they threw the stick, they did not notice that the stick would land dangerously close to the rocks and the water where the strong current could drag their dog away! In fact, the dog rushes…

You Can Save A Life By NOT Buying A Purebred Animal!

For many associations devoted to giving refuge to abandoned animals, one of the most important activities to be pursued is to increase public awareness in regards to adoption. Sometimes public awareness…

This Girl Does Something Different --- She Cries Tears Of JOY! :))

Coming home from school and finding yourself in your bedroom with the gift that you have desired the most can play tricks on our emotions! After losing her beloved cat Simon, this young girl named Marley…

The Inspiring Story Of A Horse Named Parzival And Its Owner Adelinde!

The life of athletes is not easy. Competition does not begin at the signal from a referee but years and years before! Workouts and training push your body to the limit so as not to fail at the decisive…

A Kite Surfer Girl Unexpectedly Meets --- A Great White Shark!

That day the wind was not strong enough to expect a day of really great kite surfing, but this young woman, decided nevertheless to not to give up her opportunity to go kite surfing so went into the…

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