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Video Of Animals

Is It Possible For A Dog To Act Like A Cat? Check It Out! :)

Dogs and cats are both animals that make excellent pets but they are very different from each other! Dogs are extremely involved in domestic family life and their growth resembles, in some respects,…

They Rest Gently Now To Rise And Fight Another Day ...

A fifteen-year-old named Mitchell Miner and his cow named Audri participated in the annual dairy cattle fair in Iowa. In spite of all their commitment, they ranked only fifth out of seven participants.…

Fistulization --- A Controversial Procedure That Is Practiced On Cows ...

The procedures and tools used by animal breeders to improve the yield of their livestock are diverse, and almost all are unknown to people not involved in the industry. Among these, we find a technique…

Bee Stings Can Be Deadly To Your Pet! Be Careful!

Whether it is mice, a lizard, or a bee, when a cat enters hunting mode, it is really hard to distract it.  In this gallery, we show you some cats who have hunted bees and wasps and fallen victim to their…

BIG House Cats Like To Give And Receive Tons Of Love! ❤

When we see images of the wealthy citizens of Dubai out for a walk with their leopards and panthers on leashes, we can only feel a sense of disgust. Those big cats were "designed" by Mother Nature to…

Strange Friends ... A Huge Black Bear And A Kitten!

In a zoo, you can see big cats, such as tigers, lynx, and leopards ... but it is certainly not common to find an ordinary cat. However, in the zoo in Folsom, California, what surprises visitors are not…

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