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Video Of Animals

These Innovative Horseshoes Make Life Easier For Horses!

A horse hoof is very similar to the nails that we human beings have on our fingers and toes.  Horseshoes are fitted to horses, that assist humans in their work, not to increase adherence to the ground…

Komachi The Dozing Dog And The Little Baby Kitten!

We will say it now! This is one of the most tender scenes with animals as the protagonists that you will ever see. For several seconds, this kitten has been sitting behind the dog, as if waiting for him…

One Year Of Love And Care Can Do Wonders! :))

This Japanese guy found a kitten alone and injured by the side of a river, and without thinking twice took the kitten home with him despite the obvious problems that the animal had-- then he filmed everything…

"Say Cheese" And This Dog Actually Does It! WHOA!

A dog that is a house pet is almost always happy and as proof, it usually wags its tail!  This dog, however, has a special ability! On the request of his smiling lady owner, he actually manages to move…

The Tender Story Of Two Canine Friends ...

If you think that collaboration and the spirit of sacrifice are strictly human characteristics, then be sure to read this article! The news comes directly from the Ukraine, from Uzhgorod district in particular,…
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Here Is One Dad Who Loves To Play With His Kids! :)

This German shepherd dog became a father just recently, and judging by his behavior, it seems that he definitely wants to take advantage of the good fortune of having all his young puppies still in his…

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