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Video Of Animals

This Huge And Fierce Condor Has Never Forgotten His Friend .....

Although they are birds that not everyone considers to be "beautiful", huge Condors do still communicate their own undeniable charm, with their out of proportion wingspan (which they never fail to put…

Who Will Win In This Fight? The Bear Or The Elk?

Life in the wild follows rules that are in blatant contrast to each other. For example, there is the natural and fierce hunting instinct of a hungry bear as opposed to the very determined and fearless…

If At First, You Do Not Succeed ... Try Again ... And Then Again...

There is nothing worse than seeing all our efforts thwarted. However, that is just what happens to this little child after he spends so much time trying to get around a lock that his parents have installed…

Even Husky Dogs Want And Need Their Own Space! Who Knew!? LOL

Huskies are dogs who are comfortable in a human family because it is their nature to feel the need to be part of a pack, but apparently, their nap time is sacrosanct for them too! In fact, when the owner…
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By Plastic WE Live And By Plastic THEY Die ...

The year 2016 began with an alarming incident! On the coasts of the German town of Toenning, 13 sperm whales died after being beached. The first quick autopsy on their bodies determined that the cause…

This Dog Thinks It Is Possible To BITE Water! Crazy?!

Every once in a while, our beloved motorcycle should be washed and polished, but if there is someone who wants to "help" you at all costs like your energetic and enthusiastic four-legged friend then it…

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