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Video Of Animals

Watch Monkeys Show Compassion And Grief ---just Like Humans!

In Rajasthan (India), near one of the many Hindu temples, lives a large community of  Semnopithecus monkeys, commonly known as "langurs". Here in the video, we see that a robot baby monkey has been equipped…

This Is How They Call The Cows Home In Sweden!

In the countries of northern Europe there is a type of song called "kulning" (or kaukning) with which you call animals from the pasture. The old traditional method was (and is) usually used by women and…

Horror Zoo! --- With Starving Bears Begging For Food!

Viewers are horrified after watching this video of three bears in the Bandung Zoo (Indonesia) visibly malnourished, standing on their legs trying to attract the attention of visitors and imploring them to…

An Inspiring Story --- A Young Female Bengali Tiger Gets A New Lease On Life!

Aasha is a Bengal tiger that before being rescued was owned by several traveling circuses. She was only nine months old when she had been captured to be trained and she would have died if Lady Luck had…

This Dog's Reaction To His Owner's Flute Playing Is Hilarious!

Music exercises to do at home can be pleasant and useful for the students, but they are often unwelcome to the other tenants in the house. This dog is forced to endure hours and hours of listening to…
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When Doing A Little ... Can Mean A LOT!

While feeding his horses this man noticed the strange behavior of a little bird! The man saw that the little bird was standing on a warm pipe and had probably landed there to quench its thirst. However,…

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