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Video Of Animals

See The Effect Of Accordion Music On These Cows!

Many of you know about the study conducted by the University of Madison in Wisconsin (USA), which showed an increase in production by 7.5% with milk cows who listened to classical music every day. The…

Although Easily Distracted Mia Is Still A Champion! Go Mia!

The participation of this cute beagle dog at an agility competition seemed to start out great, but after a few seconds, it became clear that the dog, named Mia, tends to get distracted very easily. While…

Watch This Huge Kitty Cat Play With Its Owner!

In Monterrey (Mexico) there is an animal shelter for big cats that is also dedicated to taking care of all those animals that have been abused and mistreated in zoos, and by trainers in circuses and…

Although This Duo Lacks Sophistication They Win With Charm!

In this family, the artistic inspiration comes from someone you would never suspect! In fact, the members of this duo, composed of a keyboard player and singer are, in fact, a little toddler and his boxer…

Watch This Protective Kitty Disobey Its Owners!

Never obstruct the protective instinct of a parent. . . or of an animal! How many times have we heard of animals that with the arrival of a new baby have virtually turned into a full-time babysitter?…

A Husky Dog And Its Owner Always Argue But Who Gets The Last Word?!

Siberian husky dogs are known for their playful nature as well as for their proverbial stubbornness! In fact, judging by the attitude of the Husky puppy that we see here in the video clip, it would seem…

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