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Video Of Animals

Guess Who Nursed This Kitten And Saved Its Life?!

The inhabitants of this residential area in South Carolina (United States) one day began  to hear a dog barking from inside a steep ravine! Immediately, they did what anyone (we hope!) would do! They…
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Time-Lapse Hercules Beetle Transformations! Mesmerizing!

The Hercules beetle is one of the largest beetles in the world! In fact, the male can reach up to 18 cm (7 inches) in length although the majority of the body length is occupied by the frontal horn.…

A Stallion Makes A Thrilling Rescue! Check It Out!

The stretch of the Salt River that flows into the Tonto National Forest, Arizona is a wonderful place populated by wild horses, which live undisturbed basking in the sun and cooling off from time to time…

A Little Girl Is Suddenly Dragged Into The Water By A Sea Lion!

Stories about vacations all too often chronicle the bad experiences of tourists who out of naiveness or recklessness have had unpleasant encounters with animals. Far from it being a sin for the latter,…

A Very Special Welcome .... Every Day!

You come home after work and find the love of your life smiling at you, your child kisses and embraces you, and your dog greets you with wild joy and happiness ... Or you could have Onni, a beautiful…

A Laughing Clown Scares A Hungry Bear Away!

When having bears attack your rubbish bin every night becomes a normal thing, then you have to think of a way to keep them away because finding one right in front of you one day would be very dangerous!…

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