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A 7-year-old boy is humiliated by his teacher because of the outcome of his math test: "Sad and pathetic"

Although many teachers today are often subjected to abuse by parents and children themselves, who may not accept the bad grades received due to their own lack of appliance, there are also cases in which…

This letter from a retired teacher has been shared by millions of people! Are you of the same opinion?

Although the work of parents and teachers should have the common purpose of educating young people and being reliable guides for them, it is not rare that they turn out to be incapable of cooperating…

Before and after! 20 hilarious photos of children on their first day of school after summer vacation!

Admittedly, for many, the first day of school after summer vacation has always been a traumatic experience. After months of tranquility, light-heartedness, vacations, flexible hours, and no one planning…

10 teachers who would make anyone love to study ...

Upon entering a classroom at school have you always been faced with teachers who are rather advanced in age, not very receptive to current trends, and with whom you felt you had nothing to share? Judging…

A young disabled girl cannot participate in the year-end school trip and her teacher comes up with a touching idea

For Maggie, a girl suffering from cerebral palsy, the announcement of the year-end school trip revealed that the class was going to go trekking in the woods, and this was not a cause for joy, but of…

See the ultimate tribute to a professor! Absolutely wonderful!

For those who love their work retirement is not good news, at least in the first few days. This is especially true for teachers who, despite the anger and fatigue they may feel every day, in the end,…

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