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This school has introduced a home economics class where boys learn to wash, iron, and cook

Once generations of young people learned to tidy up and keep their room in order when they were called to do their military service. Today compulsory military service no longer exists, and it is really…

A teacher gives her students low scores for not completing their homework and is fired for not respecting school policy

After teaching for over 15 years in Florida, history teacher Diane Tirado had to learn at her own expense a harsh truth about the modern public education system. Namely, that protecting students from…

Father discovers that his son made fun of a classmate because of his footwear: he forces him to wear sandals (+ VIDEO)

Parents provide first examples that a child will follow as they are always around, day after day, and ever since he or she came into the world. It is therefore essential that both mum and dad act with…

Teach your child multiplication the easy way!

At some point in elementary schools, usually around the age of 7-8 years old, the school program involves the inevitable teaching of the multiplication tables.  The terror, that the words, namely, multiplication…

He comes to school with his baby sister, so that he does not have to miss a lesson and their photo has touched everyone's heart ...

Many of our grandparents have told us about how they had to take care of their younger brothers and sisters, while their parents were working in the fields, or had emigrated to other countries. In fact,…

A 7-year-old boy is humiliated by his teacher because of the outcome of his math test: "Sad and pathetic"

Although many teachers today are often subjected to abuse by parents and children themselves, who may not accept the bad grades received due to their own lack of appliance, there are also cases in which…

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