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The principal reprimands a dad for taking his children out of school for a few days --- his response is perfect!

Getting the opportunity to take time off from school to go on holiday with your parents is something that doesn't happen often. So, the twins Jack and Victoria Rossi, definitely felt like they had been…
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This letter from a retired teacher has been shared by millions of people! Are you of the same opinion?

Although the work of parents and teachers should have the common purpose of educating young people and being reliable guides for them, it is not rare that they turn out to be incapable of cooperating…

The principal punishes her daughter for hitting a classmate but the mother's response makes him feel ashamed

Anyone who is a parent knows how much fear can be provoked by a phone call from their child's school when the parent is at work! Naturally, parents start to think of the worst scenario, they fear for…

A young disabled girl cannot participate in the year-end school trip and her teacher comes up with a touching idea

For Maggie, a girl suffering from cerebral palsy, the announcement of the year-end school trip revealed that the class was going to go trekking in the woods, and this was not a cause for joy, but of…

These 21 exceptional teachers show us what it means to teach with passion and creativity

For most of us, school is that phase of life that while we live it, we cannot stand it, but that, once ended, we remember with nostalgia and a smile. Especially if our memories are still as vivid as if…
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Taking photos of "Back to school" day? Here are the risks involved with sharing them on social networks!

The first day back at school is an important moment in the life of every child, especially because it is the beginning of a new and long phase in which there are so many hopes, dreams, and anxieties.…

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