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Father discovers that his son made fun of a classmate because of his footwear: he forces him to wear sandals (+ VIDEO)

Parents provide first examples that a child will follow as they are always around, day after day, and ever since he or she came into the world. It is therefore essential that both mum and dad act with…

The daily routine of a mother with 9 children: "I educate them at home and every week I buy dozens of packs of biscuits, juice bottles and boxes of cereals"

Being a parent is not at all easy, especially since you usually have to organize everyday life carefully and responsibly: taking care of your children is a demanding task in which mum and dad invest almost…

School tells mother that her 4-year-old daughter is overweight : "She's not!" responds mom furiously

Children's health must come first and parents knows that they must be attentive to various factors in order to safeguard it. Nutrition is certainly an aspect to keep under control from the very first…

Child helps his companion in a wheelchair: thanks to him, he participated in the relay race along with everyone else (+ VIDEO)

Have you ever witnessed a wonderful act of altruism and solidarity? Most people probably think it's rare thing. Let's face it: everyday life is so hectic that it is not always possible to keep up with…

Primary school teacher criticized by parents for how she appears in class: "It distracts the pupils!"

The story of a young elementary school art teacher suddenly went viral on the internet after the unleashing of the students parents' anger. The reason? Her way of dressing and, above all, her physique,…

Bullied daughter snaps and reacts violently towards her bully and her father is proud of her: this is very controversial

Violence only breeds more violence, and this is certainly true - but what if once in a while resorting to violence is the only solution? This is a provocation position, of course, but that is exactly…

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