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It looks like a normal camping site, but as soon as you step in the tent, you'll be amazed

A holiday completely immersed in nature is an experience that only camping can give you, but this type of experience brings with it many additional aspects. Insects, cold, uncomfortable sleeping conditions…
Mountain Nature Wtf

18 surreal images that show us what nature is capable of ...

If you surf the web or browse through naturalistic photography books, perhaps you thought you had already seen everything (or almost) that nature has to offer! Well, this photo gallery that we propose…

This guy skips a rock on a frozen lake: what happens will leaves you speechless !!

Not everyone knows that by throwing a rock on a frozen lake you get what sounds a lot like a laser gun. This fascinating phenomenon derives from the fact that sound waves travel with different speeds…
Nature Wtf

The huge shadow turns out to be something incredibly fascinating

What at first glance looks like a huge oil slick, is instead a breathtaking view offered by nature: millions of anchovies invade this gulf located in California, accompanied, as usual, by a swarm of hungry…

This is how Wolves change rivers...Amazing !

After 70 years, in 1995, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States and George Monbiot explanis how exactly do wolves change rivers.

This giant multicolored squirrel is almost too beautiful to be real

Probably an article about squirrels would not amaze you since these are cute, docile, and extremely intelligent animals. However, this is not an article about just any ordinary squirrels! This article…

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