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It looks like a normal camping site, but as soon as you step in the tent, you'll be amazed

A holiday completely immersed in nature is an experience that only camping can give you, but this type of experience brings with it many additional aspects. Insects, cold, uncomfortable sleeping conditions…
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This is how Wolves change rivers...Amazing !

After 70 years, in 1995, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States and George Monbiot explanis how exactly do wolves change rivers.

Niagara Falls, a unique experience!

A great example of using a drone: These unmanned aircrafts allow you to get where normal planes with a pilot on board would be too expensive or inconvenient, in this case the views are really magical.

A few seconds are enough to remain KIDNAPPED this video: how wonderful!

If you want to combat deforestation, pollution and overall devastation of the natural heritage, it starts by reminding people that the world we live in is wonderful and full of diversities. This is the…

This is the most terrifying glacier calving caught on camera in Greenland !

The documentary '' Chasing Ice '', premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and screened around the world, shows the gradual and relentless destruction of the glaciers and the immense energy released…

A cyclist notices movements in the grass: someone is following him - and it's not good news!

In a forest in British Columbia a man is on a long bike ride, but has the terrible feeling of being followed. So he stops and starts filming the bushes behind him: hidden in the grass there's a mountain…
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