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A study reveals that spending time near the ocean might be good for our mental health

The sea has positive effects on blood circulation, on rheumatic diseases, on respiratory pathologies, etc., but even just the mere act of watching and listening to the waves produces a state of psychophysical…

An infusion prepared with this leaf can be a real cure-all for the kidneys and blood circulation

We are what we eat: How many times have we heard this phrase? Those who affirm it with certainty are not wrong, because it is absolutely true that, to be healthy, it is essential to eat well and maintain…

Here we present, purslane, a common plant with many benefits for the body and the palate!

We often talk about omega 3, the essential fatty acids that help our body protect itself from cardiovascular diseases and from cholesterol accumulation. The sources from which these precious "helpers"…

According to NASA putting one of these five plants in your house improves the air quality and therefore your sleep

[CORRECTION] In a previous version of the article we had erroneously stated that NASA had done a research study about insomnia. The study was instead done on plants that improve air quality, and this…

NASA listed 17 plants capable of purifying the air in our homes

When a house is a home, it is considered a sanctuary, a welcoming haven where one is embraced by the warmth of one's family, and where one should feel safe and protected. But in order for a house to…

12 trees among the oldest and most majestic trees on planet Earth!

Tall, short, low, flowering, bare, branched, slender or covered with thorns: in whatever form they appear, trees are the strongest symbol of the force of Nature and also of the timeless peace, that emanates…

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