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Photoshop in real life

A Wizard of Photoshop, a bus stop and a lot of hidden cameras ...

Man shows how easy It Is to hack Into Friend's Webcam. The Result Is Hilarious!

Following the NSA spying scandal, this man proves how easy it is to hack into someone's webcam. With the help of an expert he spies his friends who are totally unaware !! The video is funny but if we…

Adele dressed up and went to the audition: when it's her turn ... WHOA!

In collaboration with a television show, the singer Adele transformed herself with a fake nose and went to an Adele-impersonator audition. The girls are not normal singers: they're competing to become…
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The toy that every child would like to have

The Air Swimmers are helium balloons with the shape of a fish like sharks which can easily be remote-controlled with an infrared remote control. The remote control pilots the animal by controlling the…
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And you? how would you react to this?

A meteorite is crashing over the city...Help!

Wrong side ?? Incredibly confusing prank !!

To end up in the wrong locker room can be very embarrassing, but to do it twice is really too much! This devilish prank tests the faith of these men in their own sanity.

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