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A mother- professor's response to the…
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A mother- professor's response to the BBC interview fiasco!

March 18, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyone is calling it the video of the year! Yes, that BBC interview with Prof. Robert Kelly in which his mischievous children end up stealing the scene from him in the most hilarious ways.

Moreover, let's not forget the mother (and not the babysitter as many have said), who panicked and the only thing she could do was to drag the children out of the room. Simply wonderful! 

But if it had been a woman? If the person to be interviewed had been a mother, how would she have reacted to her children entering the scene? What about her husband? What would he have done if his wife had been doing an online international interview?

I will leave you to discover the answer with this video, that is as funny, if not more, than the original ...

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