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24 parents who are real experts when…
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24 parents who are real experts when it comes to playing jokes on their children!

December 13, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Those who associate being funny or light-hearted with age are greatly mistaken!

Who says that when you are young, you must necessarily be funny or nice and that with age, along with a smooth skin, your sense of humor also disappears?

This photo gallery is proof that very often parents are more fun-loving and mischievous than their children. As a matter of fact, here are parents who know exactly how to play jokes on their children and make them laugh!

"Never compete if you're not able to lose! Does this make me a bad father?"

The man pretends to film his son at the school play, but instead is watching a basketball game!


The mothers have recreated the selfie of their adult sons.

"My father has hidden this life-size cardboard standup of Mr. Bean, in many places in our house and scared me almost to death!"

"My parents on Halloween."


"My parents told me that when I was a child I had a brother who did not like to take baths, so he turned into a mushroom, to prove it they invented this photo album."

When a father helps his son do homework ...

Wife: "Did you help our son with his math homework?"


*Wife shows son's workbook with "nonsense" written everywhere. 

Me: "Yes."


"When I left to go to college, my mother told me that this is the only glass that I could use to drink alcoholic beverages."

This parent knows how to give medicine to a child ...


Daddy's little joke ...

"My parents tested my girlfriend by giving her this jigsaw puzzle. After one hour, they found it like this!"

This dad took his 24-year-old children to a water park!

"A police car followed me yesterday! I got scared, so I stopped, and discovered my dad laughing!"

"For Christmas, I thought I had received a very expensive camera lens! But then I discovered that my mother had only given me a portable plastic thermal cup!"

"Our son drew an image of a house on one of the walls in our house! My husband has turned the drawing into a work of art!"

"My father really has a dark sense of humor. In a family photo, he gave my grandfather a sign to hold that said, "Our last family photo".

"When I moved away from home to live alone, my father gave me a virginity protection blanket!"

"I'm angry because my children told me to "Go to bed mom". I think my role as a parent is definitely over."

A dad with a great sense of humor!

"When my mother saw this picture, my father slept on the couch for a week."

"Every time my father goes into a fitting dressing room he starts screaming, "They forgot the toilet paper!"

"Here's what my father enjoyed doing to me when I was a kid."

image: © AlphaVampire/Imgur

My father erased the doll's makeup with alcohol, then replaced the eyes with a newspaper clipping.

My children asked me what is it like to be a mother? So to explain it to them, I woke them up in the middle of the night, complaining because I had lost a sock.

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